100 Japan Souvenirs recommended by a Japan Souvenir Lover

100 Japan Souvenirs recommended by a Japan Souvenir Lover

What comes to your mind when you hear of Japan souvenirs? Tokyo banana or white chocolate cookies? Or maybe various unique and interesting flavors of KitKat.

The Land of the Rising Sun is a hot spot for a tourist destination. Whether or not you have travelled to Japan before, you may have an idea of what may be good Japan souvenirs to bring home. Furthermore, Japan is known for goody-tasting snacks that boast of the Japanese name and pride.

Perhaps when you visited Japan for your holiday, you may have bought some magnets of red lanterns as Japan souvenirs for your own fridge or little Japan souvenirs for someone.

Then, what are some Japan souvenirs, you may ask? Here is a list of both goody foods and non-foods that are good to go as Japan souvenirs.

Food Souvenirs

1. Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito

Source: Shopee

This chocolate blanc cookie snack is one beloved snack from Hokkaido that is well known to be a must for yourself as a Japan souvenir when you visit Hokkaido. It’s a sandwich of two cookies put together with white chocolate in the centre, produced by a factory in Hokkaido called Ishiya.


Shiroi Koibito translates from Japanese to English as “white lover”. Indeed, it is a loved snack that you will love as a Japan souvenir even for yourself to keep in your home fridge.

2. Matcha and Matcha flavored Products


Source: Unsplash


Matcha and Japan are synonymous to each other, thus making matcha a good Japan souvenir to take home. There are heaps of food and drink products from Japan that comprise of matcha flavor such as chocolates. And if you did not know, there exists matcha curry as well. Regardless, matcha products do make good Japan souvenirs for both yourself and for giving to someone.

3. Kitkat


Source: Unsplash


I’m sure we all know Kit Kat, and that there is a widespread range of different unique flavours of Kit Kat chocolates. In Japan, Kit Kats range from the ordinary, to the matcha flavored Kit Kats, to grape and apple flavors, and even wasabi Kit Kats and a version of Kit Kat comes with outer layer that you can bake.


Indeed, Japan gets really creative with flavors for this brand of chocolates. Regardless of which region of Japan, you are sure to find a suitable unique flavor of Kit Kat over there that you can bring home as Japan souvenirs.

4. Senbei Japanese crackers

Japanese Senbei

Source: Unsplash


Senbei are a type of Japanese rice cracker that usually comes in a round shape. Senbei are usually savory and salty in taste, though sometimes they may taste sweet. These crackers are good edible Japanese souvenirs for people around you who may not exactly be akin to sweets.


There are different types of senbei, and probably as a layman term, senbei are like a Japanese version of ‘keropok’.

5. Instant ramen (Or Japanese ‘maggi mee’)


Source: Unsplash


When you hear of ramen, you may think of tonkotsu ramen or noodles in broth. Though, in Japan, instant noodles is also termed as ‘ramen’, or in our terms in Singapore, we call it ‘maggi mee’.

6. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana

Source: Tokyo Banana

Chances are, regardless of which region of Japan you plan on visiting, you would likely land in Japan’s capital first. Probably you may know of the Tokyo banana as the to-get Japan souvenir for your office.


Also, even if you didn’t land in Tokyo, and are not exiting Japan via Tokyo, there are chances that you would see these around in the international airports around Japan.

7. Ginza Strawberry

Ginza Strawberry

 Source: Shopee


Probably not as well known as the Tokyo banana, these fluffy cakes with strawberry filling on the inside is just as well worth trying and introducing to your colleagues and friends as a Japan souvenir.


These strawberry cakes are brought to you by the same company that gave you the Tokyo banana. Though, these may not be as available if you are not in Tokyo. But if you are going to be in Tokyo, these cakes should expect you.

8. Wasabi


Source: Forbes


This one is more of an acquired taste and not suitable for just anybody for a Japan souvenir. Hardly, people would go green with envy if you were get this for someone else and not them. However, it is one more edible thing that represents the Japan identity and can be given to people you know will love it.


Wasabi is a green paste made out of Japanese horseradish that you may have seen around at sushi restaurants in Singapore. Though, the ones from Japan may taste slightly different from the ones you tasted here in Singapore. Wasabi outside of Japan tend to have wasabi mixed with mustard and food coloring. The real wasabi from Japan is just hot and does not have a lingering, burning aftertaste.

9. Japanese Seaweed


Source: We Love Japanese Food


From sushi, to onigiri, to Japanese flakes that you can put on rice as condiments, seaweed is an essential part of most Japanese food names. You may not necessarily need to travel all the way to Japan to get seaweed as a Japan souvenir as it is readily available in most supermarkets in Singapore.


However, seaweed coming from Japan, you may perhaps notice taste subtle difference that Japan’s seaweed may taste better.

10. Takoyaki-flavored Anything

Takoyaki Flavored

Source: Unsplash


You may have first been introduced to Takoyaki in Singapore, where there are booths across the island selling 3-4 balls at one shot for a price of around $2 to $3, making it good for a light snack. These delicious balls are made of a flour mixture with a little piece of octopus or prawn inside. Takoyaki is a well-loved Japanese snack by many in Singapore.


In Japan, you get to taste of how the real thing tastes like. Though, these real things have to be freshly eaten and cannot be left in your luggages to fly with you back to Singapore as a Japan souvenir. Heres the substitute. There are many snacks from Japan that incorporate the Takoyaki into a lot of their snacks, thus letting you enjoy the snack with a hint. That would make do as a Japan souvenir then.

11. Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru

Source: Bokksu


This is similar to the Jagabee potato snack, but one must-get in Japan especially if you intend on visiting Hokkaido. This snack usually comes in a big box consisting of 10 little packets that you may be able to distribute around to 9 friends and keep one for yourself as a Japan souvenir.


Trust me when I say that this potato snack is addictive, and you may want to preserve one big box at home.

12. Umeboshi (Pickled Plums)

Source: Shopee

These are Japanese pickled plums called ume, and tastes nothing like wasabi. However, like wasabi, these are not Japan souvenirs for anybody, because they are of acquired taste that not everyone appreciates. The umeboshi has a mixture of salt and sour tastes, that gives it a higher probability of someone not liking this Japan souvenir that you bought for them.


But given the health benefits of umeboshi, you may consider getting them as Japan souvenirs for people who appreciate healthy eating or are more of the health conscious types.

13. Ramen Broth Stock

Source: Shopee SG


You may have heard of the legendary brand of ramen “Ichiran”, or the must-go-to for ramen if you are ever in Japan. While ramen should be eaten there and then, you may want to take home the stock as a Japan souvenir and try learning how to do it at home.


In doing so, you still can try to reminisce the taste even days after you have returned home from your trip.

14. Calpis and Calpis-flavored Products

Source: 247 Japanese Candy


On first introduction to calpis, you may think of it as tasting like the Yakult’s that we loved drinking when we were young. Calpis is actually a sweet milky and yoghurty-tasting flavor. You can have calpis sweets, soft drinks, gummies and more. “Cal” is short for “calcium” while “pis” is the Sanskrit word salpis, the second of the Five Flavors referred to in Buddhism.


Regardless, you have to thank Kaiun Mishima, the founder of this flavor. Being sweet and yummy, it certainly is a correct Japan souvenir you can get for adults back home and especially children.

15. Calbee Snacks

Source: Calbee JP


Walk along Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, or if you are in Osaka, in Shinsaibashi, you can spot Calbee shops.


You may have already heard of Calbee potato chips while living in Singapore because you have seen them on supermarket shelves here. However, going to Calbee in Japan will lead you to find out the best kept secrets of way more variety of Calbee potato snacks that you would not be able to find home in Singapore and can bring back as Japan souvenirs.

16. Japanese Rice

Rice is very much a staple for Asians, regardless of which part of Asia you come from. Especially in Singapore, at least one out of three meals a day would come with rice every day.


What differentiates Japanese rice from the rice we eat when we order the “mixed vegetables rice” in Singapore, is that Japanese rice is stickier to the chopsticks than our everyday ones in Singapore.

17. Healthy Japanese Aojiru (Wheat Drink)

Source: Takaski


Another product good to go as a Japan souvenir is Japanese rice tea, or “genmaicha”. While it may not be a vocabulary that is as known as “matcha” or Japanese green tea, but it is still a kind of tea from Japan. What genmaicha is, this type of Japanese tea is made with brown and roasted rice.


Green tea still forms part of the equation in some blends of this tea, but the difference lies in that genmaicha adds in the ingredient of brown rice. Because of the addition of brown rice, this type of tea is not as bitter as the regular ocha, and may be easier to swallow.


Regardless of the type of tea, its still a tea that is good to go to clean up your body system.

18. Genmaicha (Japanese Rice Tea)



Another product good to go as a Japan souvenir is Japanese rice tea, or “genmaicha”. While it may not be a vocabulary that is as known as “matcha” or Japanese green tea, but it is still a kind of tea from Japan. What genmaicha is, this type of Japanese tea is made with brown and roasted rice.


Green tea still forms part of the equation in some blends of this tea, but the difference lies in that genmaicha adds in the ingredient of brown rice. Because of the addition of brown rice, this type of tea is not as bitter as the regular ocha, and may be easier to swallow.

Regardless of the type of tea, its still a tea that is good to go to clean up your body system.

19. Japanese Coffee

Source: Takaski


Having mentioned tea, I should recommend coffee as well. Where there is so many things to do while we are awake from morning and so little time within the day and limited energy, some caffeine boost in coffee may help. In many countries in the world, coffee is part of their culture. In Vietnam, there is Vietnamese coffee. In Singapore, its normal and common for working adults to get our daily fix of “kopi” at least once a day. In Japan, they have Japanese coffee. There are many different coffee chains in Japan like Hoshino Coffee and Komeda Coffee that are good for a rise and shine coffee stop to start a day of vacation and relax in Japan.


However, those are good to have for a dine-in Japanese coffee experience in Japan. But what about something to take home as a Japan souvenir? For a Japan souvenir, you may hunt around in Japan supermarkets for Japanese style drip coffees in packets to take home to Singapore. These are good to go for your office pantries where you can easily start the day back at work with coffee packets as Japan souvenirs for your office colleagues!

20. Yuzu Marmalade Jam

Source: Tokyokeizai


For those who want a starter to know what yuzu is, it looks similar to the mandarin oranges you bring to “bai nian” during Chinese New Year. The inside of it, however, tastes closer to a lemon than an orange, but yet at the same time less acidic and less sour.


These yuzu jams are a taste of heaven for a Japan souvenir. Though, you will need to take extra caution when bringing these back from Japan as they are usually in glass jars and cannot be hand-carried. But let it make its way to your home’s refrigerator in Singapore! Alternatively, you can give it to anyone you know may love something citrus for a Japan souvenir.

21. Yuzukosho



Having mentioned about yuzu and introducing a gem of a yuzu jam, there is more than that where yuzu is used in Japan. If you are someone who is not into getting sweets, there is this thing called the “yuzukosho” which is made out of yuzu peel, fermented chilli peppers and salt. This brings the yuzu to be able to suit savory.


Yuzukosho serves actually as a condiment, similar to how  we add “sambal” or chilli sauce to our foods in Singapore to make our ordered foods enhance in taste, spice up and satisfies our mouth. Because of the citrus and acidic nature of yuzu blended in to bring you yuzukosho, you can add it onto your meat or vegetables for an extra punch of flavorful spice and acids in your mouth.  Why not get it from Japan as a Japan souvenir and let it sit in your kitchen and wait for you to have a try with it!

22. Miso Paste


You probably would already have known about miso soups already in Singapore as they are usually served to you together with your Japanese foods in Singapore food courts. In miso soups, there is usually a mix of the ingredients of miso paste and dashi (which will be introduced as well in this article).


Therefore, if you are a fan of miso, and understanding that it has Japanese origins, you may want to get some good miso pastes from Japan as Japan souvenirs to bring back home to Singapore. Or otherwise, Japan souvenirs for someone else you know who may like to make miso soup.

23. Miso Flavored Snacks

Source: Bites


Pretz and Pocky are two brands that come in boxes of several delicious sticks lined up with a good range of flavors, both sweet and savory. In Japan, these two brands of sticks have interesting flavours that are uniquely Japanese, such as tako yaki, mentaiko and wasabi that are attractive on their own for you to have a buy and try at home.


These are Japan souvenirs with good tastes that can help being a comfort at your home if you buy them home as Japan souvenirs.

24. Creamy Matcha Spreads

Source: Sora News 24


You may have heard of matcha cakes and matcha flavored products. To many, something matcha is a must-get as a Japan souvenir for someone else. Have you ever heard of matcha that you can spread on your bread and eat it? In Singapore, tourists will actually want to check into luggages a bottle of another green spread called “kaya”. In Japan, you can get the matcha spreads as a unique and different matcha Japan souvenir.


If you are not looking for a spread as a Japan souvenir because of the reason that its too bulky because it is in bottles and are afraid of it spilling all around in your luggage as it goes through the unseen process after check in and before flight, you can consider the Verde series that come in sealed packets that makes it more convenient for you to carry home.

25. Hakata Torimon

Source: Voyapon


This is one popular snack that is so good for a Japan souvenir, and is an easy find in the Fukuoka region, especially in Hakata, as the name goes. It is a mini bun with fillings of not the regular red, but white azuki beans and mixed with butter, eggs and cream, and usually comes in a yellow box of at least 8 of them.


This is one Japan souvenir and snack that even the local Japanese would want to recommend to a foreigner. Take it home with you and leave it in as a Japan souvenir for your home fridge before you eat it at your own pace, and your tongue and tastes buds will thank you for it.

26. Chocolates from Japan 

Japan is also famous for tons of chocolates. While Kit Kats are definitely good to go for chocolates from Japan as Japan souvenirs, they are not the only brand of chocolates you can bring home as Japan souvenirs.


There are for example Dars and Royce, just to name two other good ones.

27. Dorayaki

Source: ChopsticksChronicles


Dorayaki is a deliciously sweet Japanese snack of azuki in between a sandwich of two spongy, fluffy pancake-like material. As such, it may not be ideal for a Japan souvenir if you are not one with a sweet tooth.


But if you are, you will certainly love this one, and I am certain that there are many people who are also familiar with this pancake-look alike snack and will love it as a Japan souvenir snack from Japan. This is one Japan souvenir that you cannot go wrong when it comes to distributing to people around you.

28. Japanese Curry Stocks



In Singapore, our version of curry is somewhat a staple here. Usually, we ask to add our curry to our “cai fan” (or economical mixed rice). Also in many parts of Asia, there are different versions of curry. For example, in Thailand, you can get green curry. I am sure we are not surprised to know that Japan has its own curry as well, as many Singaporeans do love the Japanese curry.


In Singapore, we may have already known and eaten the Japanese curry in Japanese restaurants and ordinary local food courts. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get the Japanese curry from its origin location as a Japan souvenir? Why not get some boxes to carry back home as Japan souvenirs and invite your friends over to your home and share the joy of Japanese curry bought in Japan as a Japan souvenir!

29. Japanese (Wafu) Salad Dressings

Source: NoRecipes


For people who are more conscious about health and prefer to add greens to your diet, you may like some salad from time to time. So what dressings would you like on your salad? Thousand Island?


If you are going to be in Japan, you can look for “wafu”, or Japanese salad dressings to take back home as a Japan souvenir.


Wafu just means “Japanese style”. There are different types of “wafu” dressings, but I will recommend on the sesame and the soy sauce types of wafu dressings that you can take home for a Japan souvenir. They are good to go not just on salads, but as marinates and sauces for your meats and barbecue meats.

30. Kawastsutra Strawberry Jams

Source: Kawatsura15


In Chiba, Japan, there exists a strawberry farm and greenhouse where tourists can visit and pick freshly grown strawberries and eat them there and then on the spot. As a memoir and Japan souvenir, you may want to get their freshly made strawberry jams back home for yourself or your friends as Japan souvenirs, for them to spread them on their own toasts at home and enjoy.

31. Sakura Flavored Snacks

 Source: Travels In Translation


So you want to go to Japan to see the sakura, or cherry blossoms. Why not get to eat them too? Not literally to eat the flowers directly of course. There are a variety of snack items from Pocky, to Kit Kats and more that have come in Sakura flavors that you can choose from to bring back as Japan souvenirs.


How does it taste? It does taste a little flowery but also sweet. Go get some and try for yourself!

32. Dashi

Source: JapanCentre


This is another Japan souvenir that cannot be eaten just as it is, but another Japan souvenir that you can use to pour into your cookings. Ever wondered why your Japanese soup broths tastes so flavorful?


There is one secret ingredient added in that I will reveal, and that is the magic of “dashi”. In fact, in the flour mixtures that are used to do okonomiyaki and takyo yaki do have “dashi” mixed in that plays a part in making the flour have richer flavours. There are different types of dashi, some are made of bonito flakes extractions, while some are derived from shiitake mushrooms.


Take a walk down the aisles in a Japan supermarket and you can decide which you prefer to try out on your cookings at home after you have brought it home as a Japan souvenir. Your warmth and home-cooked meals with the “dashi” are good enough as a Japan souvenir to your family at home.

33. Sake 

This is one Japan souvenir that comes in a fragile glass bottle where you may want to ask for a “Fragile” sticker during flight check in.


However, if you are one who cannot say “no” to alcohol, it is one Japan souvenir that you should take home to Singapore. Of course, the Japanese are known to be good with alcohol drinks after work hours. If you went to an Izakaya or a night bar in Japan, you can see Japanese business people just letting loose over alcohol and drinks.


Why not buy a bottle of sake as a Japan souvenir and memento, bring it to a barbecue and hang out with your friends, and eternalize the experience!

34. Mochi


Mochi is a squishy, sticky, chewy rice dough that contains fillings, with variations of flavor on the inside, ranging from azuki, chocolate, matcha, and many more. Tourists and locals alike, mochi is loved as a Japanese snack and a Japan souvenir. In Japanese culture, mochi is more than just a delicious sweet dessert and snack. It also is a symbol of good fortune.

35. Katsuoboshi (Japanese Dried Bonito Flakes)

Source: AnythingFromJapan


This may look familiar to you, especially if you are someone who cannot say “no” to Japanese food even in Singapore. You definitely would have seen this topping when you ordered your tako yaki snack at one of those booths in the shopping centres. As such, it is possible to look for packets of these to bring back home and distribute around as Japan souvenirs. You may want some packets of these for Japan souvenirs for yourself as well.


These bonito flakes are good to go on your fried rice and fried noodles to enhance the the tastes , or just create a simple fusion of your ordinary home-cooked local dishes with addition of these flakes that you bought from Japan as Japan souvenirs.

36. Umaibou

Source: Matcha JP


I am sure that in Singapore, we all have snacks which has tastes of our childhood. Furthermore, there are some snacks that many Singaporean children who grew up in the 90’s era, share in common with Japanese children as well, and this “Umaibou” is one of them. It is a delicious corn snack that comes in yellow sticks that was also selling in some of our primary school canteens.


As such, these are some Japan snacks that are good to go and bring back home from Japan as Japan souvenirs to distribute around your circle and let them have a taste of childhood! This is one snack that is timeless enough for many adults to enjoy eating while appreciating it as Japan souvenirs.

37. Aoyagi Uiro

Source: Matcha JP


If you look at the colors of uiro, you would probably be reminded of dango, a popular sticky street snack in Japan made out of rice flour. This uiro is also similar in texture, but of course the good news about uiro, is that they are light-tasting sweets that come in boxes that allow you to take them back home to Singapore as Japan souvenirs, unlike the said street snack called “dango” that you have to eat on the spot in Japan.


These are a Nagoya specialty, so be sure to look for them as Japan souvenirs especially if you are in Nagoya. They are chewy and take you on a reminiscence trip back to Japan in your mind once you have them bought as Japan souvenirs for yourself.

38. Baumkuchen Cakes

Source: ShunGate


They are another version of “kueh lapis”, or layered cake, coming from the land of the rising sun. Well, they are not exactly Japanese in origination, but It would be something fine to call them Japan souvenirs as the Japanese have made their twists around them from their European origins.


These usually come in one big box for one big cake. I am sure you would not want to have the whole cakes for yourself as Japan souvenirs because of the many gallons of calories they contain.


Furthermore, these may not last long and are best bought home as Japan souvenirs a day before or on the day of your flight back home if you have time. However, they give you an opportunity to organize a casual home visit invite to share the calorie load over the weekend. Better still if a good friend’s birthday falls within the days of flight back. Then these cakes would be more than memorable Japan souvenirs.

39. Omoshiroi Koibito

Source: Matcha JP


In Japanese, “omoshiroi” either means “funny” or “interesting”. Well, this is a fun play on the name of “Shiroi Koibito”, the popular Japan souvenirs white chocolate cookie snack named “ from Hokkaido.


Nevertheless, the play on the name prominently catching your attention on the box packaging wrapper of this Japan souvenirs snack already is enough to intrigue your curiosity for you to want to pick it up. Rest assured, these are quite different from Shiroi Koibito on their own.


This version that is trying to be “funny” with their name actually have a more maple-tasting flavor.

40. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cheese Cookies

Source: Tokyo Milk Cheese


Having mentioned Omoshiroi Koibito, and also Shiroi Koibito snacks for Japan souvenirs way earlier on, which is a kind of Japanese cookie sandwich with chocolate in the middle, loved by many to bring home as Japan souvenirs, you may also wish to bring home something else that is not of the sweet range as Japan souvenirs. This one substitutes the sweet chocolate with a more cheesy taste, while letting the cookies still taste similar.

41. Kishimen Noodles


These kishimen noodles are probably more unique as Japan souvenirs as they are harder to find in Japan if you are not in Nagoya, and also something you don't really get to see outside Japan as well. If you translate to something that Singaporeans may seem more familiar with,


I would say these are something like “kway teow” in texture when boiled and cooked. Nevertheless you can get these as Japan souvenirs for your kitchen and perhaps try to make a unique fusion of “mee goreng” out of it!

42. Japanese Fruits


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is one English proverb that might push us to more healthy eating by adding fruits to our diets. Hence, you may be thinking of getting something healthier for an eating choice as Japan souvenirs. The Japanese are usually known to be very meticulous and detailed when working on any skill.


This does not exclude the craft of fruit farming and growing. If you know how to keep and preserve these fruits well enough on carrying it back home, these are better options as Japan souvenirs for yourselves in your home fridges.


Note though if you are coming into Singapore with these fruits as Japan souvenirs – buy them in small quantities, otherwise you may have problems at the airport.

43. Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)

Source: Forbes


Like umeboshi and wasabi, these may not be everyone’s cup of tea to appreciate as Japan souvenirs. However, these sour pickles may actually bring smiles to the correct people if you bought these pickles for them as Japan souvenirs.


These pickles are good to go for enhancing flavours for your rice meals, and also healthy. Look out for them especially if you visit Kyoto to bring them home in jars as Japan souvenirs!

44. Hato Sabure Dove Shaped Cookies 


These cookies are a Kamakura area specialty and some Japan souvenirs to look out for if you happen to visit the region. Doves are a metaphor for peace, and having them as shapes on cookies, they may bring out the hopes of comfort to your circle knowing that you have thought of them and brought the Japan souvenirs doves out to cookies they can eat.

45. Fujiya Milk Candy

Source: Takaski


This delicious Japan souvenirs Japanese milk candy has a prominent bright red packaging with an iconic girl in the centre. Because of its bright red nature, this package of milk candies is hard to miss out and easy to spot in Japan convenient stores and supermarkets.


Because these are wrapped sweets, they are easy to bring out to your freezing air-conditioned lecture halls where you may feel sleepy while attempting to pay attention, and may want to pop a simple sweet into your mouth, and maybe give one to your friend sitting beside you as well!


Look out for these sweets to get as Japan souvenirs and have a delicious-tasting time during your lectures, or just to put at your desk station in the office and pop these Japan souvenirs into your mouth whenever you need them to the last one.

46.Happy Turn Japanese Snack


Source: Moshimoshi Nippon JP


The shape of the snack pieces may look familiar to you. Yes, it is very much similar to another version that we have in Singapore.


To many of us in Singapore, our version is another very much a loved snack during our childhood days. These are still easily available in supermarkets islandwide.


Even though they are both very much similar to each other, they both have subtle differences. For one obvious difference, the packaging design. The Japanese version, also known as “Happy Turn”, helps you revisit your childhood while at the same time giving you a feel of Japan, and making it a nice snack for Japan souvenirs and edible treats that you can share around and enjoy from the land of the rising sun.

47. Japanese Instant Noodles

Source: LiveJapan


In Singapore, we love “maggi mee”, or instant noodles as a quick fix when we are hungry. They are convenient and simple to make, and sometimes we all wonder what life would be like in Singapore without the existence of instant noodles.


Not only in Singapore, but in many Asian countries, instant noodles are popular with no surprise. Likewise in Japan, you can step into Family Mart and Lawson to get a quick fix of Japanese instant noodles when you are trying to save on your budget while on your Japan travel.


As Japan souvenirs, you may want to pack a handful more Japanese instant noodles into your luggages. Trust me, a lot of these Japanese instant noodles have very attractive packaging that will tempt you to wish you had more space to bring them back for Japan souvenirs.

48. Purple Sweet Potato Tarts from Okinawa

Source: VisitoKinawa


Let’s not forget about Okinawa that it is also part of Japan has its own unique specialties as well, so souvenirs coming from this island back to Singapore are also Japan souvenirs. One example of good Japan souvenirs is such as this royal purple tart.


The purple is derived from “beni-imo”, or purple sweet potato that Okinawa is famous for. The purple is sweet and the length size of one tart is relatively big enough to almost be able to fit the size of a palm of your hand.


Enjoy these as Japan souvenirs from Okinawa in Japan!

49. Kokuto (Okinawa Brown Sugar)



In Malaysia, there is “Gula melaka”, or brown sugar that Melaka in Malaysia is famous for. Mentioning Okinawa again, this region is famous for another Japan souvenirs unique to this part of Japan that you may not be able to find as Japan souvenir elsewhere outside of Okinawa.


This is an Okinawan brown sugar known as “kotuko”. This sugar is good to go on your recipes at home when you have brought them back home as Japan souvenirs, regardless of whether they are sweet or savoury.

50. Aomori Apples


We may have bought Fuji apples during our grocery shopping sprees in Singapore. Coming from up north in Japan away from Tokyo and nearer to Hokkaido, the Tohoku prefecture has a city called Aomori that is known for Aomori apples. Also, if you are going at the correct season of time, you may enjoy getting the chance and thrill of picking apples on your own in Tohoku region.


A lot of these apples are beautifully as red as red roses because of the meticulous high quality farming and cultivation by the Japanese.


If your flight back home is not too far away from your day of purchase, you may try and get to bring a few of these apples onto to the plane going homeward bound back to Singapore. Enjoy these beautiful red, juicy apples for healthier snacks and healthier Japan souvenirs that you can eat!

51. Kininaru Ringo

Source: Tokyo Banana


Having mentioned Aomori apples, you may be worried about how you would be able to carry actual fruits back home. Rather than the actual Aomori apples for Japan souvenirs to carry home, you may want a snack alternative for Japan souvenirs.


These are called “kininaru ringo”, where these are more of an enjoyable pastry snack that is unique to this region of Japan, and would be hard to find as Japan souvenirs if you are in Tokyo or Osaka.

52. Namahage Manju

 Source: JapanbyJapan


“Namahage” is the name given to a type of demon in Japanese folklore, more known in the northern parts of Japan in Tohoku. While these are demons, they have turned scary demons into cute cartoon style for the sake of packaging containing red bean cakes containing mainly red bean, though there are other filling flavor variations such as banana and chocolate.


Presenting the packaging to your friend when you have bought it as Japan souvenirs for them will already make him adore a cute demon face that he may want to preserve the outer packaging alone in his room after the snacks are finished.

53. Ogura Toast Sweetened Red Beans from Nagoya

Source: Amazon


Ogura toast is a specialty in Nagoya region of Japan. “Ogura” is a sweet tasting spread containing sweet and delicious azuki, that are well to go on bread toasts in the morning for breakfast to start a new day.


Make a hunt for these in Japan if you are in Nagoya, because these deserve a try from you.

54. Narutomaki

Source: Favy JP


You might be familiar with the word “Naruto”. Well, you may know “Naruto” as an anime title, but do you know that this Japanese white fish cake with pink swirls in the centre have the name of “naruto” as well? Or rather, it is paired with the word “maki”, which means roll, to form the full name of “narutomaki”. You might have seen it when you ordered a bowl of ramen in Singapore.


It is quite an iconic item that you can eat from Japan, though from Japan it may be a challenge to bring them home to Singapore on your own as Japan souvenirs because they are best to be kept cool.


Nevertheless, you can figure your own way around to bring them back to Singapore as Japan souvenirs, or alternatively just look for them in Japan supermarkets in Singapore.

55. Aohata Apple Jam

Source: Takaski

Having already mentioned yuzu, azuki and green tea spread, I will now introduce an apple jam for Japan souvenirs.


Although these apple jams make another Japan souvenirs that will make you want to be more cautious of when packing into your luggages for check in, these are unique jams that cannot be easily found in Singapore, and make them worth a space in your luggages if you get to see them around in Japan.


Get these jars of apple jams as Japan souvenirs for some special people around you who have sweet tooths or love baking sweet stuff using apple too!

Non-Food Japan Souvenirs

Are you on diet? Or are you cutting down your sugar and salt intake, and Japan food souvenirs from Japan do not interest you that much? There is also an array of non-food Japan souvenirs that have their charm.

Excluding food souvenirs from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun may well be known for meticulously done and dainty.

56. Kendama


Source: RS Parks


Kendama may ring a bell to you as a child’s toy, but it may come as no surprise to you that it originates from Japan. In Japanese, “ken” means handle and “tama” means “ball”. For kids, it gets them away from the smartphone screens for a while and lets them work on their body coordination skills.


Chances are you can still find these around your neighborhood malls in Singapore, though the fad for kendamas may be long over. Nevertheless, if you can find them in Japan during your trip, they still do make for good Japan souvenirs especially for someone’s kids.

57. Lucky cat/ Maneki neko


Source: Pexels


Manekineko, or Japan’s fortune cat, is a symbol of good luck and a wish for someone’s prosperity.


A manekineko with the left paw raising up is supposedly believed to attract customers, whle the right paw raised is said to invite good fortune and money.


By getting a manekineko for someone as a Japan souvenir, you are simply giving a wish of good luck for their life.

58. Anime Figurines


Source: Unsplash


Anime and manga is one big segment of Japan that draws a whole ton of crowd from all over the world. People follow anime series online, have various collections of manga series. With anime alone, there evolves into communities of cosplayers and people dressing up as anime characters.

59. Gundam Figurines


Source: Unsplash


Gundam comes from the category of anime, but I find them to be worth classifying as another category on its own. Complex robot figurines and for Japan that is known for its robots,


Gundam figurines are just the right size that you can take home and admire Japan’s cool robots displayed at the comfort of your own home.

60. Japanese Pop Music CDs


Source: eBay


While in Singapore, Chinese pop may be a popular thing, with Jay Chou songs and bands like S.H.E growing up with us through our teenage years, there was a time where J-Pop was also growing popularity in Singapore before K-pop.


However, there are indeed a handful lot of Japanese pop songs we may have grown up with too. Regardless, there are a range of nice Japanese songs of your genre choice that you can enjoy even if you do not understand the Japanese language.


Especially for J-Pop artiste fans, wouldn’t it be nice to grab their CD from where they come from, and get something tangible as a Japan souvenir for yourself instead of downloading online that you can only see on your screens?

61. Disney Merchandise in Japanese

disney merchandise

Source: Unsplash


We all know that Tokyo has Disneyland and Disneysea to offer as tourist attractions for visitors. As Disneyland has promised, they are the “happiest place on earth”.


With Disneyland and DisneySea, Japan has its own range of Disney plushies and merchandise that you can bring back home for someone’s kids as Japan souvenirs. Plus if you are a Disney fan yourself, you can get Disney character ‘tsum tsum’ as a Japan souvenir for yourself!


Apart from Disneyland vicinity, there are Disney shops all along the hearts of busy districts Comparing to Disney elsewhere in the world, Japan’s Disney has a unique charm of its own. Even if you do not understand a single Japnanese or do not know how to read a single Japanese character, it the nature of the Japanese characters to look like pictures and scribbles done correctly in a picture.

62. Pokemon Merchandise


Source: Unsplash


Even if you are not a fan of Disney, you may be interested in Pokemon. Starting from the very first generation of Pokemon, this cartoon has grown up with us since our childhood.


If you can remember, the Pokemon anime series used to be on Saturday mornings, and it’s something we would wake up early to watch. Til today, Pokemon is still captivating the hearts of even grown up adults with newer versions of Pokemon and more Pokemon characters.


There are Pokemon centres, or Pokemon shops all around Japan, especially in their big cities. You just need to Google and you will find a Pokemon Centre in Japan. There, you can find a widespread range of Pokemon key chains and plushies good to go as Japan souvenirs, whether for yourself or for someone.

63. Sushi Pen

Sushi Pen


Why don’t you work with a cute and fun pen with petite little sushi for a Japan souvenir for the office or for someone you love? (This may make you hungry).


The petite sushi inside each Sushi pen is handmade, and there is no one that is the same. The sushi inside the pen are made of polymer clay. There is also the version with onigiri or miso soup. Show off your love for sushi! The sushi are really petite and cute. Not only do you get to save your calories on real sushi, you get a Japan souvenir you can use to write with.


Each and every pen is handmade and there will be no two sushi pens that'll look exactly like yours. As such, it makes for a very special and unique Japan souvenir. Pens come in gold and pink shades. Regardless, they are great for the office, school, or as a special gift and Japan souvenir for someone you love!


Sushi Pen Creator

These sushi pen are created and meticulously by a Japanese pen creator who used to live in Singapore by the name her artwork is very popular on the biggest handmade e-commerce site in Japan.


What customers like about her artwork is that she always puts in sheer amount of care and importance in everything she does. One of the dreams she held for the longest time is to hold an event especially for kids.


Sushi Pen is currently available here at Melo!
To know more about Sushi Pen, just click the button below!



64. Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket

Source: Kimono-Jacket.com


Japanese these days are coming up with creative ways to preserve the kimono and at the same time keeping it modern. For one example, fusing the kimono with daily casual wear and modern-day jackets.


A new blue wave of modern-style men’s kimono jacket is coming your way these days from Japan and Japanese fashion. Bringing to you in Singapore specially flown in from Japan’s city of jeans is our men's kimono jacket coming soon to our store at Melo!.

65. Kairo Heat Packs 


Probably may not seem like as a handy item for use in sunny Singapore, these heat packs may not be somethings that will be considered as a Japan souvenir.

66. Chopsticks



Like rice, a pair of chopsticks is one thing that most Asian cultures share in common over the dining table. In Japan, it is most likely known worldwide that the Japanese use chopsticks to eat with over fork and spoon.


Especially if you are an avid traveller and likes to get the different chopsticks from the different Asian countries, you can add the Japanese ones as a Japan souvenir to decide and distinguish the differences at home!

67. Japanese Folding Fans (called Sensu)



The Japanese fan, or sensus, is a recognizable icon of the Japanese culture. Just one look at the fans and people can tell that it is a Japan souvenir.


It is something convenient and does not require much thinking to get as a Japan sovenir for someone. There are many colours and patterned designs dor the sensu, you can get a range of designs to let your range of friends choose their favorite as a Japan souvenir for you!

68. Kokeshi Dolls


Like the sensu, these wooden dolls are pretty much understood that they come from Japan. These dolls are a cute miniature of Japanese ladies in kimono for a take-home Japan souvenir.


These may end up smiling at you as a happy collection on your home shelves or otherwise be distributed to your friends as a Japan souvenir and let them smile at your friends.

69. Origami Paper

Source: Unique Japan


The art of origami, or “paper folding” may be familiar to many of us as they were taught in our art lessons from school. Breaking up the words that make up “origami”, you have “oru”, which means “fold”, and “kami” which means “paper”. Regardless of whether or not people around you like origami or not, these colourful Japanese patterns coming in a series of square papers are too attractively beautiful, and getting them as Japan souvenirs for people may just encourage them to make something economical and practical out of the papers, all up to their creativity.

70. Cloth Wrap for Bento Lunchboxes, or Furoshiki

Source: Invaluable


We all know that global warming is evident on earth and we all want to get more eco-friendly with our lifestyles. As such, we are trying our best with cutting down on plastics and plastic bags.


With furoshiki, or a Japanese cloth wrap as a Japan souvenir, you can do your part and not need a plastic bag for your packed lunch. Instead, you can use the furoshiki you bought from Japan as a Japan souvenir to wrap and tie it nicely to put it in your bag and bring to work.

71. JR Train Souvenirs / Keyholders

Source: Matcha JP


Like Singapore, Japan cities have the Japan Railway (JR) and subway lines that makes the city more connected and where people can more conveniently get from place to place. As tourists exploring the country, we are sure to use the railways as they are a way cheaper and more economical option as compared to the taxis to travel around throughout the duration of the trip.


From the day-to-day going with many rounds of using the train to get around to different places in our travel itineraries, we may have gotten familiar with the train systems and eventually grow fond of it. Especially in Tokyo, the Yamanote line that connects around some of the more popular tourist spots in a single line. In contrast with Singapore’s beeping and “Doors are Closing” warning’s, Tokyo’s JR does is musically with different melodies at different stations.


As such, we may have fallen in love with the JR and Japan’s trains that we may want to keep a “copy” to bring home as Japan souvenirs other than just photos. There is a souvenir shop at Tokyo station that sells Japan souvenirs of the Japan Railway (JR) identity.

72. Suica Card (Japan’s version of Singapore’s EZ-Link)

Source: Matcha JP


In Singapore, it is understood that we need an ez-link card to get us into the MRT gantries and buses. Therefore in a similar way, the Suica card in Japan actually works in the same way.


Getting this Suica card helps you save time from having to buy the paper tickets from the machines everytime you need to enter the gantries to take the trains. Prior to your trip to Japan, you may have already made plans to get the JR pass to help you get around the city by trains. Why not consider trying this out as an alternative, and have a feel like you are a local doing the local everyday routine thing?


While you are obviously not able to use it when you bring it back to Singapore, you can keep the suica card as a memento or a Japan souvenir for yourself to remember your last trip to Japan. If you want, you can buy 1 or 2 more pieces as a different Japan souvenir for someone home that is close to you.

73. Toy Japan Rail (JR) Trains and Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from PLARAIL

Source: Fun Japanese Culture


This one would be a nice Japan souvenirs for little ones and young children. Let them get to explore the cool world of Japan trains in their own room.


Apart from selling toy trains and sets that come in boxes, this shop also has waterbottles and lunchbox sets with the unique theme of Japan trains that you can get as Japan souvenirs for children around you to get to bring to school. Get to Tokyo station and hunt for these Japan souvenirs!

74. Tabi Socks

Source: Tofugu


Back in Japan’s traditional past, before the many layers of the kimono are worn, the tabi socks go first on the feet. In modern times, people have transformed the traditional and originally white tabi socks with the addition of a wide range of colourful japanese patterns, and with some that come in cartoon characters.


Unlike regular socks, the tabi socks are designed to be split-toe, giving a separate room for your toes. Wouldn't it be pretty to get these as Japan souvenirs?

75. Kabuki Masks 

These masks are not exactly for the faint hearted to bring back home as Japan souvenirs, but they are definitely an identity that represents the Japanese culture. Hence, these are still good to go as Japan souvenirs for people you know who Japan culture lovers are.

76. Kabuki Mask Face Packs

Source: OMGJapan


If the actual kabuki masks seem to you like a disturbing item to bring home as a Japan souvenir, perhaps here is an alternative to an actual kabuki mask for a Japan souvenir – kabuki facial masks. These masks provide some skincare for better skin. Don’t be too serious.


You can put on these masks for a mini laugh and entertainment to lighten up your soul before bedtime. Also, you can share the laughter with your friends by sharing your “funny face” online via social media, or otherwise just distribute to your friends as Japan souvenirs, and let them have some laughter and joy for themselves.

77. Koma (Japanese Spinning Tops)



Before “Beyblades” that brought spinning tops to a whole new level, there was the original wooden Japanese toy called “koma” which played a part in the childhoods of many Japanese people.


Simply put it, “koma” are classic wooden spinning tops. It is quite economical in pricings, so it is quite easy to get a few of these as Japan souvenirs. Let your grown up friends have a feel of Japanese childhood, or simply give it to children as Japan souvenirs and make it as part of their own childhood!

78. Koinobori (Japanese Carp Flags, Streamers)

Source: Etsy


In Japan, children’s day is on May 5th. If your Japan travel dates fall within the early May range, you may get to see colorful, vibrant windsocks that are in the shape of fishes, or carps. In Japanese culture, this can be explained. Like a carp that has ability to swim up against the currents, thus it represents a hope for the Japanese children to be able to grow up courageous and strong.


Aside from the cultural significance, you may want to get them as Japan souvenirs for yourselves because they are vibrant in colours on their own, enhancing the pretty designs of the carps.

79. Japanese Plastic Food Magnets and Keychains) 


Love Japanese food, but want to save on your calories? Or would you want Japan souvenirs that remind you of your delicious meals on your Japan trip while at the same time having second thoughts on getting something edible because of all the calories you put on from all the eating?


There are Japan souvenirs that come in plastics as sushi, a bowl of udon and many more. You cannot eat them for sure, but they look just as nice. A few of these distributed to friends would also seem like nice tokens and easily recognizable Japan souvenirs that made them feel like you have thought of them.

80. Tsuko-tegata (Wooden Passports/Wooden Souvenirs you can find at shrines in Japan)

Source: The Invisible Tourist


This is one series of Japan souvenirs that you can find while on your shrine sprees on your visit to the various different shrines all around Japan. These, you can treat them like more sturdy versions of postcards as they are made of wood instead of paper. You do not have to worry about them getting crumpled as you put them in your bag already crowded with so many items while bringing them back to Singapore as Japan souvenirs.

81. Modernized Japanese Geta or Japanese Wooden Sandals

Source: Muza Chan


Apparently, in Chinese tradition, it is taboo to get shoes as Japanese souvenirs for anyone. Therefore, if you believe in that, just think of yourself and get these as a pair of Japanese souvenirs for yourself.


Japanese traditional geta sandals have stayed with the Japanese culture and have come a long way since the beginning of time in Japanese history to modern 2000’s dates, and getting them as Japan souvenirs for yourself to wear casually when going around your home neighborhood may give you a deeper sense of appreciation for the Japanese culture.


Together with the kimono, the Japanese geta sandals have now come a long way from Japanese history from ancient times. Unlike some modern sandal variations, whether Japanese sandal brands or not, the traditional Japanese geta sandals have flat base. The straps of traditional Japanese geta sandals are usually made of fabric that make them comfortable for the toes to tuck into and walk with.

82. Omamori, or Japanese Lucky Charms

Source: TokyoWeekender


These are Japanese good luck charms or amulets, and in beliefs, these are said to help with warding off evil and giving protection, on a condition that you do not open them up. While it serves as good luck charms, these are colorful in patterns and are usually in colorful and pretty designs that would attract you to consider getting them as Japan souvenirs for people around you while at the same time hoping to wish them luck and success in all they do. If they believe in luck, then you should get these as Japan souvenirs for them!

83. Daruma

Source: Unsplash


The daruma dolls are probably one of the most prominent icons of Japanese culture good to go for Japanese souvenirs. Being bright red, these daruma dolls serve as a symbol of luck and fortune to the recipients of your Japanese souvenirs. Wouldn't it be a nice gesture to give something red, cute, and a wish of good luck all in one round Japan souvenir?

84. Samurai Goods from Tokyo Samurai Museum 

Another one part of Japan history that may be familiar to many of us is the existence of samurais in the old days of Japan. We have seen fictional stories through manga and anime that use the old days of Japan and samurais as sources of inspiration in the stories. As such, you may be one of those who would love something charming and samurai-looking for Japan souvenirs to either keep for yourself as mementos, or otherwise let the charms be appreciated by people around you.

85. Aizome Productss

Source: Japan Magazine


The word “aizome” technically refers to a special kind of dye that gives a bluish range of colours that go on these products. For a fun fact, blue is a significant colour in Japan because it represents purity and cleanliness in Japanese culture. Also, as Japan is an island surrounded by the sea, the blue gives a nice refresh like water cleansing to your soul when you see them with your eyes. Thus, look around and get something “aizome” for some exotic-feel inducing Japan souvenirs for home!

86. Japan Souvenir T-shirts

Source: Japanese Magazine Jnto


What can be nicer than nice T-shirts coming home from Japan as Japan souvenirs for people you love? Why not add in some nice shirt designs from Japan into the wardrobes of your friends and loved ones in Singapore as Japan souvenirs for them? As long as the size is right and designs are nice, Japan T-shirts are nice to go as Japan souvenirs.

87. Calligraphy Brushes

Source: All About Japan


If you are into the arts and Chinese painting, you may be interested in its cousin - Japanese calligraphy brushes for Japan souvenirs. These Japanese calligraphy brushes are pretty much steep in pricings, especially if you are an artist who is fussy on getting good brushes for the art.


Thus, it may not be affordable for you to get them as Japan souvenirs for every single one of your artist friends, and perhaps you may only want to get them as Japan souvenirs upon their request or if you know that they are really interested.

88. Japanese Calligraphy Black Ink

Source: Japan Centre


Of course having mentioned the caligraphy brushes, I should mention the black ink as well to go along as Japan souvenirs. Otherwise, it would feel like chicken sandwich without chicken. Though, these are probably easier to get in terms of pricing as compared to the brushes as Japan souvenirs.


Nevertheless, if you know of good friends who are into Japanese arts and Japanese calligraphy and already has a handful of brushes, these bottles of ink would sound nice as Japan souvenirs for them. Better still if you are fond of it for yourself. These will make good Japan souvenirs useful for you to keep up with a casual hobby.

89. Universal Studios Japan Souvenirs and Merchandise 

While Tokyo’s Disneyland and fairytales that may give you happiness in Japan, they may feel kiddy for a grown-up to look for Japan souvenirs there.


Also in Singapore, we already have our own Universal Studios theme park. Nevertheless, the Japan is one different game on its own. From the existence of the Harry Potter world to more fun rides, the Universal Studios theme park is a whole different level of excitement.


While you may plan a day of visit to Universal Studios and enjoy the day there, you may want to get some merchandise for Japan souvenirs. For example, shirts as Japan souvenirs as wearable Japan souvenirs would sound like a nice alternative to Disney merchandise as Japan souvenirs.

90. Sorakara-chan Tokyo Skytree Mascot keychain with Alphabet Japan Souvenirs

Source: Wow J


Being a relatively younger attraction and a newer tower that came up in Japan only a handful number of years old, did you know Japan came up with a mascot for the Tokyo Skytree, with the name “Sorakara-chan”?


The mascot is simply a cute one with a star-shaped “hairstyle”. The keychains with alphabets can be nice as Japan souvenirs for people you know, that you can look for their initial alphabets.

91. Okinawa Shisa

Source: Okinawa Travel Info


For something non-food that you may want to consider from the Okinawa region for Japan souvenirs, these legendary lions, called “shisa” are said to be guardians and protectors of the Okinawan people.


If you know of people who are legendary folklore geeks, and if you do not find these freaky to carry around as Japan souvenirs for people back at home. these lions may be Japan souvenirs unique to Okinawa that they may appreciate you getting for them.

92. Japanese Yen Coins


Source: Live Japan


Sometimes, you want to just keep things simple and economical on your Japan trip that you do not really wish to think of so many people back home to to buy Japan souvenirs for.


Furthermore, a lot of these Japan souvenirs out there in the souvenir shops can be relatively pricey, and you just want to travel for yourself and spend your money on wherever you wish for yourself.


One economical way without incurring extra costs on Japan souvenirs that people may not see value, and where you may wish to just look for something out of courtesy, is to just keep a few of these Japanese yen coins as Japan souvenirs.

93. Japanese Brochures and Theme Park Maps 

Another convenient way to save on costs for Japan souvenirs is to just simply collect a handful of brochures from the various attractions you plan in your itinerary to visit in Japan.


These are not only free of charge where do not need to incur some extra costs on yourself, these brochures are unique to each Japan attraction, and which you cannot get in Singapore.


Just make sure you keep them in good shape when you ferry them back to Singapore, and they are nice to keep as Japan souvenirs and mementos for yourself, or to someone you know who likes to collect these brochures.

94. Japanese Leather Goods

Source: Trendland


Japan is synonymous to many quality products. So don't be surprised to see some quality leather goods that may not be very budget friendly, but are worth the prices if you have more cash that you are willing to spend on Japan souvenirs.


As such, these may not be the items that you will want to buy as Japan souvenirs for any ordinary person that you know of, but perhaps maybe for a special someone.

95. Hachiko Key Holders

Source: Shibuyabunka


You may know of the well-known Hachiko statue located in Shibuya vicinity, and also the touching story of the dog named Hachiko who waited for its owner. Therefore, you can try to hunt for these cute cartoonized “Hachiko” dog key holders in Shibuya areas, as Japan souvenirs for your cute dog lover friends back home in SIngapore

96. Warosoku and Japanese Candles


Source: Anything from Japan


These are definitely not the usual candles you will light up with a birthday cake. Rather, these are candles that may be used by people who like zen and practice meditation. These will be good as Japan souvenirs especially if you have friends who perhaps practice meditation.

97. Japan Aquarium Whale Shark Plushies


Source: Exp Tours


If you have made plans to visit Osaka, your itinerary list may include the Osaka aquarium for one of the days you are there, especially if you are fond of sea creatures. It is not everywhere in the world you will get to see a whale shark, and Osaka aquarium is a place you can get to see them swimming around.


As mementos or if you have someone in mind that you want to remember, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy cute plushies of the sea creatures as Japan souvenirs for someone.

98. Electronics

A lot of the electronics that we use in Singapore do originate from Japan. In Tokyo, there is a famous area called Akihabara that is famous for electronic goods.


Especially if you are a fan of games, it would be quite a perfect place and correct spot to get some games and electronic gadgets as Japan souvenirs to play with at home in Singapore.

99. Japanese Manga Comics

As a pastime and hobby, many of us do enjoy reading popular Japanese manga titles and collecting Japanese manga series. Through the years, whether or not we will decide to pick up Japanese language as a skill for ourselves, we all do know that manga originates from Japan.


As such, some of us may enjoy collecting the manga title series and volumes right at the source country, where the manga will be written in Japanese. Especially if you have friends who are picking up Japanese, they may appreciate their favorite manga as Japan souvenirs, where all are written in Japanese for them to try reading and practicing Japanese.

100. Studio Ghibli Items


Source: Kanpai Japan


Hayao Miyazaki and the fruit of his labour, Studio Ghibli has brought to us the joy of such as Totoro, Spirited Away and many more, so much that many of us are familiar with the Ghibli movie stories and characters.


Regardless of wherever you are in Japan, there will definitely be a lot of chances for you to pass by shops that sell from huggable Totoro plushies to collector items such as Howl’s castle that you may wish to look out for and get as Japan souvenirs, especially if you have grown up loving Ghibli movies.