Black Garlic: 11 Places and Ways to Have a Try with Black Garlic in Singapore

Black Garlic: 11 Places and Ways to Have a Try with Black Garlic in Singapore

For a start, the word “garlic” on its own is a given, as one important ingredient in many of your cookings at home. Garlic gives flavour and aroma that makes your body want to come nearer to the dish that has included in it. So, with the addition of an adjective of “black” to describe the existence of a dark coloured garlic and the eventual existence of a vocabulary called “black garlic”, you may wonder what is the difference between black garlic and your usual white garlic? 


On the sweet side, “brown sugar” has recently become a fad in town, such as adding brown sugar to level up the prices of bubble tea. While not an apple-to-apple comparison, black garlic can seem like a savory equivalent. The introduction of black adds class and more rich flavour to garlic with black garlic.

What brings out the black in black garlic? To put it simply, it begins with white garlic under heat for a span of more than a week, regulated with the right temperature that turns pure white garlic into delicate and classy black garlic.  The heating process and evolution process from white to black garlic actually turns the garlic to be a slightly sweeter in taste.

With the addition of black garlic, the taste buds in your mouth feels an added unique sweetness to the dish. In Singapore, there are some places where you can try dishes with black garlic as an included ingredient:



1. Black Garlic with ShizenKyousei

ShizenKyousei is a brand from Japan that is well-known for its healthy and naturally rich ingredients in their products. Ranging from Fermented Black Garlic Jelly which comes in form of sticks and grape flavour, Black Garlic Vinegar which is made from high quality water from Nachi Falls and can be added into drinks and foods, to Black Enzyme supplements which contains 150 types of vegetables, fruits, wild grass & seaweed, consuming these Black Garlic products definitely contribute to a better & healthier living.

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2. Black Garlic Ramen at Nantsuttei


Nantsuttei is a Japanese ramen restaurant hidden from obvious areas and cannot be found right away at the entrance level of Orchard Central at Somerset. While still accessible and still located in Orchard Central, you have to take the lift up to the 7th floor to find the restaurant. The black garlic is what makes the soup black, that makes it different from the usual beige-brownish tonkotsu ramen broth. Have a try at the ramen and enjoy the black garlic added quality goodness .


3. Black Garlic dishes from Restaurant Min Jiang


While not permanent on the menu, this fine dining Min Jiang restaurant promotes dishes with black garlic from time to time. If you like a taste of something rich, you can look out to pounce at opportunities to treat yourself to some black garlic in good food from this restaurant at the right timing.


4. Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon at Tamoya Udon

For an alternative to ramen, the thicker udon in black garlic broth may be enjoyed at Tamoya Udon outlets in Singapore. Enjoy the chewy goodness of thick udon soaked in the broth with black garlic and appreciate the black garlic taste sunk in with the broth and absorbed in the udon starch.


5. Black Garlic Fried Rice at Good Chance Restaurant

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Another place for quality Chinese food, Good Restaurant has black garlic fried rice listed on the menu. Why not have a try with fried rice with black garlic to have a try at it! Enjoy a taste of class with black garlic stirred in the wok behind the scenes by professional experienced chefs who know how to do the black garlic fried rice correctly.


6. Share a Chicken Salad with Black Garlic with Bliss Catering

If you are someone who wants to focus on getting your diet right and want to eat as clean as possible, you may want to check out Bliss Catering which has chicken salad with black garlic listed on their menu. While what they serve is too much to take in for one, you may wish to order this salad containing black garlic to share around and encourage healthier eating with your friends!

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7. Have a try at Making your own Black Garlic Bread


Lets just say that most of us who have ever eaten garlic bread love it a lot. Usually being served as appetizers and starters at western cuisine restaurants in Singapore, the regular garlic bread has grown to be part of our hearts. In recent times, people are figuring play and having new twists to our commonly favoured dishes. Now, what about starting a new twist using black garlic, and learn to do garlic bread in a darker way by using black garlic? Make garlic bread different by turning them into black garlic bread with recipes online!


8. Black Garlic in Instant Noodles


While the other black garlic food items seem like on the high-end range and require you to get out of the house to quite a distance from home, there are black garlic instant ramen that you can possibly find on your supermarket spree may just be the more economical and convenient solution. With the black garlic flavour already added in before hand, all that is needed is your home kitchen and you can do up a quick fix instant noodle to accompany you at your convenience.  


9. Black Garlic Chicken Soup


Not limited to noodles, there are quick-fix instant ready-to-cook meals that include in black garlic in the ingredients list. For example, there are ready-to-cook black garlic herbal chicken frozen at convenient stores and from such as Chef-in-Box that are available online for your order and delivery to your home doorstep, where you just need to heat up and eat. Alternatively, you can figure around on how to make your own herbal chicken soup with black garlic with fresh ingredients from your hunt and buy on your grocery shopping days.


10. Black Bone Chicken Tonic with Black Garlic and Collagen from Eu Yan Sang


Black garlic on its own contains a power punch of health benefits to the human body, namely providing the body with strong antioxidants and helping with reducing high cholestrols. This health drink and tonic from Eu Yan Sang contains black garlic in its mixture with black bone chicken tonic in a drink form that provides a health solution for people who are health conscious. This drink that contains black garlic is sure to help nourish the body with good benefitting ingredients.


11. Black Garlic with Hasutomi


Local Singaporean brand Hasutomi has in their brand promise to bring to you quality health foods. Among the products they sell are fresh black garlic in its raw form for you to purchase and use in your home kitchen to whip up dishes up to your culinary skills and creativity using the black garlic. Since the black garlic from them is not very cheap, I am sure you would preserve them wisely to use on the dishes you are most confident of whipping up. Try replacing your usual white garlic with these black garlic on your best cooking and have a whole new level of garlic flavour that enhances the best of your cooking and brings it to a whole new level of class.