8 Best Japanese Facials in Singapore

8 Best Japanese Facials in Singapore

8 Best Japanese Facials in Singapore

Creamy, flawless complexion. Soft, supple, ageless skin. The Japanese, known for their longevity and excellent health, are also envied for their good skin. Much of it can be attributed to their diet and the luck of the genetic draw. But a good part of it is the result of their meticulous skincare regime, too.

You may not be born Japanese. You may not live on the Japanese diet. But you can certainly take care of your skin the Japanese way. We tell you where you can get Japanese facial treatments so your skin can have that enviable glow.


Tokyo Garden Medical Aesthetics

Source: Tokyo Garden Medical Aesthetics


You know your skin is good hands at this beauty clinic managed by no less than a Japanese cosmetics surgeon who runs a chain of these clinics in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Fukuoka. At this Singapore branch, Japan’s famed beauty techniques are delivered with impeccable Japanese service standards in a tranquil setting overlooking the heart of Orchard Road. In the true fashion of Japanese hospitality, each visit begins with a Japanese drink and snacks in a relaxing lounge area.

Then, you can select from a menu of non-invasive treatments. Some note-worthy choices include the Yellow LED Light Facial Treatment which uses LED lights to repair cells, promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, and detoxify skin. This is excellent if you want to reduce facial scars. The Blue LED Light Facial Treatment is perfect for those with oily skin and acne because it can shrink pores and reduce acne. Meanwhile, to help combat the effects of ageing on skin, the clinic offers the Lijuran Skin Healer. Polynucleotides (PN) – a tissue regenerative substance - extracted from salmon is used to improve damaged skin, skin elasticity and sebum moisture balance. PN does this by increasing the density and thickness of the dermis and regenerating the protective layer of skin. This allows the skin to battle the ravages of the elements.


Ikeda Spa

Source: TimeOut


Whether you visit the Bukit Timah branch with its Zen interiors or go to the Clarke Quay site where you will be transported to the Edo Period, this Japanese spa guarantees you an all-Japanese experience. Their Geisha Organic Facial was voted the Best Traditional Facial in Singapore and it is easy to see why.

Only traditional organic Japanese ingredients are used, many of them culled from beauty secrets of the geishas of old. Rice bran, Camellia oil, Azuki red beans, and Peach Moon water from Japanese organic brand Chidoriya are central to the facial. But the most important ingredient is uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings), once used only by kabuki actors and geishas. The uguisu no fun, sanitised by exposure to UV light and ground into a fine powder, is believed to be able to remove toxic elements while conditioning the skin to make it glow.



Source: Organics Beauty


Like its name suggests, only natural, organic plant-based products are used here. When you go to this Japanese beauty salon, the founder herself Shizuka will attend to you.

Shizuka believes in a holistic approach to beauty therapy, so expect to be pampered from head to toe. Your treatment, whichever package you pick, will begin with a homemade enzyme drink to improve metabolism. This will be followed by a foot bath with Dead Sea salt rich in minerals and organic essential oils to improve circulation and soothe tired muscles. Then Shizuka will sit with you to find out your skincare needs and help you select a treatment. There are six different facials that combine herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aromatherapy and phytotherapy to rejuvenate and nourish your skin.


Face Plus by Yamano

Source: Face Plus by Yamano


This beauty group from Japan traces its origins to 1909. Today, not only is it Japan's number one facial salon, the business has extended to include more than 3,000 beauty salons, hair salons, product manufacturing, jewellery design, Kimono dressing schools, flower arrangement classes, Japanese tea ceremony schools and beauty schools.

Yamano’s edge over their competitors is its high-tech treatments. Working for several years with Riken, a Designated National Research and Development Institute in Japan, Yamano managed to extract amber powder to use in their skincare products. The resulting line of Bidou product is award-winning.

It is this product that they use for their facials. Amber powder comes from fossilised resin from conifer trees in the Baltic area. It contains antioxidants and conditioning properties that are known to accelerate the shedding of skin and improve cell oxygenation, making skin supple and moisturised. Their treatment also follows a routine standardised by their resident therapist from Japan. So you get authentic Japanese treatment while in Singapore.



Source: Erabelle


Erabelle also uses special ingredients. Their Japanese Sake Facial employs kojic acid and enzymes found naturally in the best sakes. Kojic acid inhibits the production of melanin which is the pigment that affects hair, skin and eye colour. Because of this, it has a lightening effect. Erabelle’s 12-step treatment which includes two customised masks and soothing massages not only brightens your skin, it also purifies and renews it, making it softer.


allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Source: Allumer


This beauty salon is for those who want to benefit from Japan’s willingness to pursue technology while staying true to tradition. A branch of the exclusive day spa and beauty salon in Japan that counts celebrities among its clients, allumer is the best of Japan’s ability to embrace modernity and history in equal measure.

While a visit to allumer is like stepping into old Japan complete with wooden doors, Japanese dividers, tatami curtains and the promise of natural herbs in the treatments, their impressive menu boasts a slew of revolutionary facial treatments that leverage the latest research.

One such treatment under their Medical Regenerative Facial Treatment offerings is the Active Cell Treatment. Freeze-dried human cultured stem cells from five types of cells - amniotic, epidermis, hypodermis, bone marrow, and nerves – are injected into the face to restore and care for ageing skin. Using streams of air at such speeds also enhances the penetration of the ingredients, making the treatment more effective.

If human cells do not appeal, the Beaute Thalasso Cell Active Treatment uses seven kinds of plant stem cells and three minerals to manage acne and ageing by strengthening the dermis and epidermis.

The Queen Phyto Cell Treatment is one of their most acclaimed treatments. A cream made with nanonised proteins that smoothen skin is massaged onto the face, neck and back to encourage circulation.


Facia Ginza

Source: Facia


The Japanese are not just adventurous in their choice of ingredients, they are peerless in their pursuit of new things. Not content with merely dealing with the skin, this award-winning salon from Ginza has developed their own facial massages that promise to contour your face.

Their signature Small Face Care, created with neurologists in Japan, is a facial lift that is supposed to give you a more defined jawline and a sharper chin by resolving water retention that tends to make the face puffy. Non-surgical and non-invasive, it is a wonderful way to slim down your face. A warning though, those who have gone for this treatment report that the massage is painful. The good news is that the results are truly visible even after just one visit.


THREE Rhythm Spa

Source: Buro247


Here is another Japanese salon that is committed to shaping your face as they care for your skin. Built on the understanding that our bodies have a natural rhythm that keeps us comfortable and healthy, THREE Rhythm Spa harnesses that power with botanical products and treatments that stimulate the lymph nodes. The result is more luminous skin and a contoured face.


DIY Spa with Clione Fit

Due to the recent pandemic that has left you missing out on your regular facials, why not trying out DIY home facials at your own comfort? With the help of the right equipment, it definitely enhance your facial spa experience and be at ease!


Source: Melo!


This is a facial machine used for professional facial treatments in Japan so you can get salon-quality therapy without ever having to leave home. Small and lightweight – just 52 grams – it is easy to use without compromising on quality.


Employing light therapy, RF therapy, mid-frequency interval pulse and EMS which uses microcurrents, Clione Fit is particularly effective for treating acne and acne scars. Not only that, people who have used it report that after a few treatments, the acne did not return.


Clione Fit also treats fine lines, wrinkles and reduces nasolabial folds or laugh lines. Skin becomes more elastic as well with this facial machine, resulting in youthful-looking skin. After only a short time, users say “the effect of the facelift became obvious”.


In addition, it massages the face to better contour it, improving blood circulation as well. Results are visible after just one treatment. Clione Fit can lighten the skin as well as remove blemishes such as brown spots.


Because of the technology it uses, which largely depends on light and radio waves, Clione Fit does not cause any side effects.


LED light therapy, in particular, is widely used for medical as well as aesthetic purposes. It is very safe because LED light does not emit harmful UV rays and heat. That is why it is often used to enhance the effectiveness of drugs in cancer treatment.


Clione Fit uses this light to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to regenerate cells. The light also encourages the production of more collagen and elastin. Both proteins are necessary for soft, supple, line-free skin.


Apart from being safe, light therapy also produces results quickly.

Clione Fit uses electromyostimulation or MS therapy to strengthen loose muscles to improve their tone and reduce cellulite. Skin becomes smooth and dimple-free. Blood circulation is also improved as is skin structure.


Mid-frequency interval pulse or MFIP has been added to this facial machine. MFIP creates an inter-mitten, pulsed effect on skin that improves RF and EMS effects while reducing pressure on the skin. The electrical pulse massages the skin, too, offering a soothing effect.

Clione Fit machine is currently available at Melo! To know more about Clione Fit, click the button below!