DIY Facials with Your Own Facial Machines

DIY Facials with Your Own Facial Machines

In the last few months, the world has been sheltering down in an attempt to reduce COVID-19 infection numbers. #stayhome has resulted in many things, not least of which is DIY projects.

From making bread, boba pearls and brewing beer to cutting hair and picking up new musical skills, people are doing for themselves what they once had to step out of their homes to get others to do for them.

If the closure of non-essential businesses has left you missing out on your regular facials, you might want to add home facials to your DIY to-do list. With the help of the right equipment, you can approximate your facial spa experience right in your own home.

Here is a look at home facials and the facial machines that can give you that near-professional treatment while you stay home and stay safe.

Beauty is Truly Skin Deep

To understand the allure of facials, an understanding of what constitutes beauty is important.

“Beauty is skin deep” is not just a saying, it is a scientific fact. A good-looking face is one of the major markers of beauty and what is considered a beautiful face generally comes down to two criteria: structure and skin.

Researchers have discovered that, across cultures and history, people are more attracted to symmetrical faces – faces that have similar proportions on the right and the left sides. This is a fact borne out by a large number of studies where subjects continually favour images of faces that have been manipulated by computer graphics to exhibit symmetry.

One theory why symmetry is considered beautiful is called the “Evolutionary Advantage Theory”. This view believes that people equate symmetry with health because our genes are programmed to develop symmetrically. Any asymmetry is naturally construed as a less-than-perfect genetic development or the result of some infection. To ensure that the human race is successfully perpetuated with as few genetic defects as possible, humans intrinsically look for symmetrical partners.

The other explanation for the preference for symmetry is called “Perpetual Bias Theory”. According to this understanding, symmetry in humans is considered beautiful because the human eye is programmed to process symmetry better than asymmetry.

Another measure of beauty is the quality of the skin, particular the skin on the face. Good skin is healthy skin because, as the largest organ of the body, the health of the skin impacts general health.

The skin has many functions that contribute to our health. One of it is to provide a first line of defence between the body and the possible contagions in the world - bacteria, viruses, pollution, harmful chemicals and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Skin also acts as a barrier and shock absorber, detecting pain sensations to alert us to danger.

In addition, skin regulates body temperature, maintains fluid balance, and controls moisture loss.

Dr Zein Obagi, a dermatologist who is a world-renowned skincare expert as well as award-winning inventor, educator and author was the one who came up with a definition of healthy skin.

His definition has provided objective, specific, quantifiable and easily recognised physiological, histological and clinical attributes of good skin. According to Dr Obagi, healthy skin is naturally:

  • Smooth
  • Even in colour tone
  • Firm and tight
  • Hydrated
  • Tolerant
  • Contour rich
  • Free of disease

Given the importance of the skin to health and beauty, it is understandable that interest in maintaining good skin is high.

There are several ways to achieve and maintain good skin. On one end of the spectrum are natural means which include healthy living – sufficient sleep, regular exercise, no smoking or drugs, moderate drinking, healthy BMI - a healthy diet and dietary supplements.

Then, there are products that can be applied to the skin to contribute to its health. Skincare products are highly popular. According to a report by the Grand View Research, Inc. in 2019, the global skin care products market size is expected to reach US$183.03 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 4.4%.

Finally, on the other end of the spectrum are cosmetic procedures such as facial treatments, botox injections, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling and, of course, surgery.

Why Facials

Of the myriad methods of achieving healthy and, therefore, beautiful skin, facial treatments are favoured by many because they are minimally evasive yet promise to rejuvenate the skin, and remove wear and tear.

Research and consultancy company FutureWise reported that the global facial rejuvenation market which includes minimally invasive procedures is estimated to value over US$25.1 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period between 2018 and 20206.

Facial treatments rely on three key pillars: skincare products, equipment and techniques such as massages.

What Are Facial Machines and Why Do We Need Them?

Facial machines are equipment used at clinics, salons and in homes to massage and treat the skin to achieve healthy skin. Once used only by trained professionals, facial machines have since become more compact, easy to use and cheaper, allowing them to be increasingly used at home.

The following are the uses of facial machines:

1. Open pores

Smooth skin without flaws is one of the measures of healthy skin. What can spoil the texture of the skin, making it rough and bumpy, are large pores.

Our skin naturally has pores or small openings for the release of sweat and oil as well as for hair follicles to attach to. The release of oil or sebum is necessary to keep the skin hydrated and protected.

Sometimes, though, our sebaceous glands produce more oil than our skin requires. This can happen because of dry weather, hormonal imbalances, diet or the use of wrong products. Because our pores are secreting more oil than necessary, they expand and trap dead skin and excess oil. This makes them appear larger, marring our complexion.

Facial machines that use steam to soften skin and open pores allows the skin to undergo deep cleaning and get rid of impurities such as blackheads while stimulating circulation. Opening the pores also makes it easier for moisturisers and other skincare products to penetrate the skin.

Facial steamers are so named because they use steam with ozone added into it to open up the pores. Ozone, a type of oxygen, is good for cleansing and protecting the skin as well as for improving its moisture and pH balance.

2. Exfoliate

Our skin naturally regenerates every 30 days or so, shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones. Just because we naturally shed dead skin cells does not mean that we can effectively get rid of them.

As we age, it takes longer for dead skin cells to fall off the skin’s surface. When they are not removed, dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of our skin, causing it look dull.

Fine lines and flaky patches will also develop and the skin then becomes rough and dry. These dead skin cells that build up can clog pores as well and cause the production of excess oil that leads to skin blemishes and acne.

Proper exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface is, therefore, necessary to unclog pores and reveal the new skin cells below. This also lets skincare products penetrate the skin more deeply, making them more effective.

Exfoliation can be done by hand with the aid of facial scrubs, chemically with special kinds of acids that dissolve and remove dead skin cells or by using facial machines.

Many facial machines come with brush and sponge attachments for this purpose. A cleanser is applied to the skin and the brush or sponge is then gently moved over the face, rotating to remove dirt and dead skin cells.

3. Cleanse

Apart from the removal of dead skin cells, our skin benefits from cleansing as well. This involves the removal of access oil, sweat, dirt, impurities and make-up. Clean skin provides a clear foundation for the application of skincare products and make-up, ensuring better absorption.

While soap and water may be able to remove some dirt, it may not be effective in getting rid of oil and dead skin build-up. These may require deeper cleaning. Facial machines can help to do this.

There are different types of facial machines that can cleanse the face. Some use vacuum attachments that sucks out the dirt and dead skin, exfoliating the skin and cleaning the pores.

Others come with brushes that remove make-up, applies cleanser to the skin and massages the face as well.

There are even those that use soundwaves to loosen dead skin and open pores so the skin can be cleaned. Known as ultrasonic ion cleansers, they are pore-openers, exfoliators and cleansers all rolled into one.

Often, these facial machines that cleanse also help to stimulate blood circulation, tone and tighten the skin, and alleviate acne and spot problems.

4. Increase collagen production

Collagen is a hard, strong and fibrous protein found naturally and abundantly in our bones, muscles, skin and tendons. In fact, collagen, which makes up a quarter of our total body mass, is the most abundant protein our bodies produce.

It is necessary for forming a scaffold that gives our body strength and structure, thus holding our body together. It is also what protects our organs. Collagen contributes to soft, supple skin that is elastic, wrinkle- and line-free. In essence, it is an anti-ageing protein.

Unfortunately, over time, the body produces less collagen. From the age of 20, collagen production begins to decline by 1% every year. Post-menopause, collagen production in women experiences a significant drop. Exposure to UV rays and other lifestyle choices such as smoking can speed up the decline as well.

That is why most skincare regimens include stimulating the production of collagen for better skin tone and elasticity. There are facial machines that use light therapy to stimulate collagen production.

This is how it works. Mitochondria are organelles or tiny cellular structures within our cells. They act like the cell’s digestive system, taking in and breaking down nutrients to create energy-rich molecules for the cell in a process known as cell respiration. Because of what it does, mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell.

Red and near infrared wavelengths of natural light stimulate the mitochondria in our cells, allowing them to better take in light, oxygen and nutrients from food to convert them into energy. This boost of energy, in turn, stimulates collagen production which requires massive amounts of energy.

5. Increase blood circulation

Blood circulation is vital for bringing oxygen, cells, proteins and nutrients to the skin while removing carbon dioxide and waste. Without good blood circulation, the skin can suffer from a multitude of problems including tissue death and infections, wrinkles and fine lines, dryness, flakiness, discolouration, rashes and acne.

That is why promoting good blood circulation can help skin become softer, more radiant and younger looking. Good blood circulation can also hasten healing of injuries and scars, and contribute to skin that glows.

There are facial machines that solely massage the face to increase blood circulation. There are others that open up pores, exfoliate and cleanse while also promoting circulation. These usually have extra devices that can be attached such as a disk so facial muscles can be massaged.

6. Reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles are creases, fold or ridges that develop in the skin that come with age. As we age, our skin becomes thinner, drier, less elastic and less able to protect itself because of the loss of collagen. This leads to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

The use of facial muscles can also contribute to wrinkles because each time a facial muscle moves, a groove forms under the skin. When a person is young, the skin is supple and elastic, and can spring back to its original position.

That flexibility decreases with age, making the grooves permanent. That is why wrinkles tend to form around the eyes, mouth and forehead since the skin around these areas move the most.

Exposure to UV light, smoking, lack of hydration, some medication, environmental and even genetic factors can hasten the development of wrinkles as well.

Facial machines make use of different methods to reduce wrinkles. Some use red light therapy to promote collagen production which addresses the wrinkle problem at its source.

Others use radio wave technology to lighten sagging skin and improve skin elasticity. These radio frequency (RF) devices heat the deep layers of the skin without breaking the top layer of the skin by using radio waves. The heat causes collagen in the skin to contract thus tightening it.

The heat also promotes collagen production. While not permanent, it does help smooth out wrinkles.

Types of Facial Machines

Not only do facial machines have several functions, they also employ different technology to achieve those functions.

1. Microcurrent

Microcurrent devices pass very low voltage electrical currents through the skin to the muscles to stimulate collagen production and cell growth, promote blood circulation and tighten muscles.

What makes it different from most skincare techniques is that it works not on the skin per se but on the muscles beneath, tightening them and the connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity.

This is particularly effective on the face because, unlike elsewhere in the body, muscles on the face are directly connected to the skin. So, energising facial muscles yield better results since lifting those muscles directly lifts the face, causing the skin to appear toned and firm.

The technology is not new. It has been around since the 1970s and was used to treat Bell’s palsy and muscle paralysis. Although the probes used to conduct the currents were applied throughout the body, doctors noticed an unexpected benefit on the patient’s faces which seemed to glow after the treatment.

This gave rise to the use of microcurrents for facials.

The device usually uses two probes – a negative and a positive probe – with electricity running between them. The probes are moved around the face so the electrical current flows through the skin to the facial muscles.

Often a conductive gel is used as well to help the electrical currents better penetrate beneath the skin.

Although the electrical charge is low and the process painless, it is not advisable for pregnant women or those who suffer from epilepsy, wear a pacemaker or have recent scars.

2. Galvanic technology

Like microcurrents, facial machines that use galvanic technology employs mild electrical currents – either positive or negative.

Dating back to the 1970s as well, the treatment works on the understanding that charged ions in the skin are either attracted to or repelled from the electrodes giving rise to certain chemical effects.

Positive electrons draw dirt and impurities from the deep layers of the skin to the surface. Negative electrons boost the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Galvanic facial machines are best for brightening dull skin and treating dry skin so it is smoother and clearer. They are used to soften blackheads before removal and help to move water-soluble products into the skin, promoting hydration. Wrinkles are reduced because facial muscles contract with the use of the machine. They also improve blood circulation.

Like microcurrent facial machines, galvanic facial machines might not be suitable for pregnant women or people with pace-makers or metallic implants, or over areas that have broken capillaries. Those who suffer from epileptic seizures should not use them either.

3. Radio frequency

Both collagen and elastin are necessary to keep skin soft, supple, elastic and line-free. Over time and with exposure to the sun, both collagen and elastin in the skin break down. Skin starts to sag and wrinkles form.

Radio waves can be used to treat the skin that has denigrated in this manner. What the radio waves do is generate heat to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers – the tissues beneath the outer layer of skin.

The heat damages the tissues, without affecting the appearance of the skin, to enhance collagen and elastin production. The procedure also causes collagen fibres to be shorter and more tense without damaging the collagen molecules resulting in tighter skin.

The treatment can lift brow lines as well because the tightening of the skin pulls back the eyebrows from the mid-pupillary line or the centre of the eye, giving eyebrows a more natural arc.

The same tightening can work for the cheek areas, too. Jowls tend to sag with age but this can be reduced with radio frequency treatment. Even smile and laugh lines can be minimised.

Again, facial machines that use radio waves are not advisable for people with pacemakers or metal implants. Pregnant women should avoid using facial machines that use radio waves as well.

4. Light

Light facial therapy has been growing in popularity and there are now several home devices that use this technology.

The skin naturally uses light as an energy source to fuel repairs, rejuvenate damaged cells and kill bacteria that cause acne.

Light therapy leverages this process. Narrow band, non-thermal LED light energy is used to reach the deeper layers of the skin to trigger cell regeneration, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen and elastin production.

Light therapy is good for skin rejuvenation and healing sun damage and wounds as well as treating acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and sensitive and inflammatory conditions. Skin becomes more plump and smoother as a result.

Facial machines use different types of light. Some use only one type, others use a combination of red and orange light, infrared and LED. Green, yellow and blue light are sometimes used as well.

The different coloured lights have different uses because of their varying wavelengths. Blue LED light is recommended for treating acne because it reduces oil production and prevents future breakouts.

Red light increases natural hydration, and reduces inflammation and redness while shrinking pores and regulating oil production. It also improves circulation and accelerates skin repair.

Near infra-red light is the most deeply absorbed wavelength. It can penetrate to the cells and increase their permeability and absorption, improve skin elasticity which smooths lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing and heal acne and wounds.

5. Laser

Laser facial machines for use at home do not exactly make use of laser technology like those at clinics and spas. Instead, they use light technology such as intense pulsed light (IPL) and light-emitting diodes (LED).

Laser is a monochromatic coherent light source while IPL is a broadband pulsed light source. This means that laser beams tend to penetrate deeper and with greater concentration and accuracy. IPL covers a wider area because it emits multiple wavelengths.

The beams penetrate down to the second layer of skin or dermis but does not harm the top layer or epidermis. Pigment cells then absorb the light energy which is converted into heat. This heat destroys pigments to clear dark spots or blemishes by traumatising the skin so cells regenerate and collagen is produced more quickly.

Laser facial machines for home use are mostly for treatment of acne, scars and pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, and hair removal. They use lower energy levels than professional facial machines which make them safer. The trade-off is that the results may be more subtle.

6. Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology can also be used to penetrate deep beneath the skin to the muscles where collagen is produced, going far deeper than lasers can.

This technology uses ultrasonic waves that act like crunches for the face. High frequency sound waves penetrate areas deep beneath the skin to cause a small injury. The body responds to this injury by producing collagen which then lifts and lightens the skin.

Ultrasonic technology also breaks down the particles in serums. This allows for deeper penetration into the skin and boosts blood circulation to achieve skin that glows.

7. Steam

Steaming is one of the mainstays of facial treatments. The steam heats the skin and this increases the temperature of the debris and oil that clog the pores, softening the and making them easier to remove.

This allows pores to be cleaned of the dirt and other impurities. Once cleaned, skin quality improves so the skin appears brighter and smoother, and skincare products can better penetrate the skin, benefitting the skin again.

The heat also increases blood circulation to the skin. When skin temperature rises, oxygen flows to the skin’s surface. This improved circulation brings nutrients to skin cells.

Steaming hydrates the skin as well when the moisture from the steaming is sealed within a minute of discontinuing the steam. This sealing can be done by applying alcohol-free toner, serum or moisturiser to the skin.

How to Pick the Right Facial Machine

In recent years, facial machines for home use have flooded the market. If you are shopping for a facial machine to give yourself a home-style treatment, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Function

Knowing what you want the facial machine to do is key. Then you will know not just what type of facial machine to get but also which technology to rely on.

A facial machine that steams your face to open up the pores will not be as useful for smoothening out wrinkles and fine lines. Similarly, ultrasound facial machines will have less ability to remove hair compared to laser facial machines.

2. Safety

If you have a pre-existing health or skin condition, it is best to check whether the facial machine you want is safe for you to use.

Some facial machines – particularly those that use electrical currents - are not suitable for those with heart conditions, those who have pacemakers, who are pregnant or nursing, or have sensitive skin such as melasma which can be worsened with laser therapies, psoriasis or eczema.

3. Performance

It does not matter what any device promises, it is how it delivers on that promise that counts.

The source of power and wattage of the facial machine can impact its performance. Look for facial machines that let you power from multiple sources and those with higher wattages because that would mean they are more powerful and more likely to replicate the results offered by professional-grade machines at clinics and salons.

4. Construction

Many home facial machines trump those in clinics and spas because they are lightweight and portable, making them easy to use and travel with.

This should not, however, compromise its durability. Check that the attachments, while easily secured and removed, do not fall off during use.

Make sure that, if hand-held, the facial machine is light enough for you to use for the duration the treatment is required.

5. Power

Facial machines that discharge greater power are, of course, better able to deliver results. But this may also mean that greater care needs to be exercised when using them, especially since most home users have no formal training in the use of facial machines.

Get a facial machine that allows you to adjust the power level if possible. This will let you work with a lower power that will do less damage with mis-use until you are entirely familiar with the machine.

6. Attachments

Facial machines that come with different attachments or accessories are preferred because this means that the machine can be adapted to many functions, making them versatile and value-for-money.

7. Ease of use

Some facial machines can be operated hands-free. Designed like a mask, they are worn, allowing you to continue doing other things around the house while getting your facial.

Others come with ergonomically designed handles that allow for better grip or electrodes that mould to the contours of the face.

There are even those that are equipped with LCD screens that allow you to select the different modes with ease.

10 Facial Machines You Might Want to Buy

1. Clione Fit

Source: Melo!

This is a facial machine used for professional facial treatments in Japan so you can get salon-quality therapy without ever having to leave home. Small and lightweight – just 52 grams – it is easy to use without compromising on quality.

Employing light therapy, RF therapy, mid-frequency interval pulse and EMS which uses microcurrents, Clione Fit is particularly effective for treating acne and acne scars. Not only that, people who have used it report that after a few treatments, the acne did not return.

Clione Fit also treats fine lines, wrinkles and reduces nasolabial folds or laugh lines. Skin becomes more elastic as well with this facial machine, resulting in youthful-looking skin. After only a short time, users say “the effect of the facelift became obvious”.

In addition, it massages the face to better contour it, improving blood circulation as well. Results are visible after just one treatment.

Clione Fit can lighten the skin as well as remove blemishes such as brown spots.

Because of the technology it uses, which largely depends on light and radio waves, Clione Fit does not cause any side effects.

LED light therapy, in particular, is widely used for medical as well as aesthetic purposes. It is very safe because LED light does not emit harmful UV rays and heat. That is why it is often used to enhance the effectiveness of drugs in cancer treatment.

Cosmetologically, LED treatments are safe because the non-thermal light will not cause burns to the skin in the heating process. This therapy is often used to reduce the secretions of the sebaceous glands which makes the skin less oily. Removing of scars, acne, the signs of ageing are among its other functions, too.

Clione Fit uses this light to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to regenerate cells. The light also encourages the production of more collagen and elastin. Both proteins are necessary for soft, supple, line-free skin.

Apart from being safe, light therapy also produces results quickly.

Clione Fit uses electromyostimulation or MS therapy to strengthen loose muscles to improve their tone and reduce cellulite. Skin becomes smooth and dimple-free. Blood circulation is also improved as is skin structure.

Mid-frequency interval pulse or MFIP has been added to this facial machine. MFIP creates an inter-mitten, pulsed effect on skin that improves RF and EMS effects while reducing pressure on the skin. The electrical pulse massages the skin, too, offering a soothing effect.

Price: S$802.50

Where to Buy: Melo! Local shipping (Singapore) is free island-wide.

2. SkinPep ReNu Pro Lift


If you are looking for a machine that does it all, this is the all-round facial treatment device for you. Using galvanic and microcurrent technology, it has 3-in-1 functions that can treat loose skin, wrinkles and dullness, all achieved with inter-changeable heads.

The galvanic head is smooth. With low-voltage electrical currents, collagen production is promoted which smoothens wrinkles and fine lines while firming and tightening the skin, and reducing dark circles under the eyes.

The microcurrent head has two antenna-like probes. When they come into contact with the skin, they emit mild electrical currents that tone muscles and improve mico-circulation while boosting collagen production. This works best on droopy skin, puffy eyes and wrinkles because it tightens facial muscles.

The applicator head is Y-shaped and designed to deep clean the skin and increase its ability to absorb creams and serums. The positive charge produced repels creams deep into the skin while the negative ions draw dirt from the depth of the skin.

Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are also improved in the process.

The SkinPep Renu Pro Lift uses batteries that last up to eight hours per charge instead of needing to be plugged into the wall. So, it is highly portable and great for travelling. It is also safe and easy to use.

Because it uses electrical currents, though mild, it is not suitable for pregnant women and those with pacemakers or suffer from irregular cardiac activity.

Price: S$65

Where to Buy: Carousell

3. FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment

Source: Foreo

This facial machine uses smart technology. The device syncs with an app that lets you customise your facial treatment.

Used with FOREO’s activated sheet masks, this facial machine has both hot and cool settings.

The heat penetrates the skin more effectively. The cool refreshes the skin and reduces puffiness while temporarily tightening the skin and reducing pores. All this is achieved in just 90 seconds.

The facial machine is perfect for mature skin that suffers from fine lines and wrinkles as well as blemished skin prone to oiliness and dryness.

Price: S$408

Where to Buy: Sephora

4. FOREO LUNA fofo Skin Analysis Facial Cleansing Brush

Source: ResponseSource

Another smart facial machine, this 2-in-1 facial brush analyses your skin and personalises your cleansing routine.

Skin sensors that track and respond to internal factors like diet and water intake, and external factors such as climate that affect skin health are used. These determine the hydration level and true age of your skin with real-time skin readings.

After each skin analysis, a skincare routine tailored to your needs is recommended which includes the intensity and duration for key facial zone.

Included in the set are high frequency T-Sonic™ pulsations and soft silicone bristles to cleanse the skin of oil, dirt, residual make-up and also to exfoliate dead skin cells.

The device is paired with the FOREO app.

Price: S$173.15

Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

Source: Sephora

Here is another facial machine that can treat fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, redness, blemishes and loss of firmness.

Using light therapy that includes 162 LED red and blue light, the face mask stimulates collagen production and reduces breakouts.

Red light therapy boosts collagen production and, therefore, has anti-ageing effects. Blue light therapy is effective for destroying acne-causing bacteria.

Since the mask is worn, this is a hands-free facial treatment ideal for the busy individual.

Price: S$778.50

Where to Buy: Look Fantastic

6. Dr Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer

Source: SkinStore

To go with your Dr Dennis Gross mask, get this facial steamer that uses micro-steam technology. The advice is to let it cleanse your skin as it steams so that you can exfoliate.

Then, follow this up with another two-minute steaming before applying a serum topped with a moisturiser.

Suitable for all skin types, it is particularly ideal for hydrating skin and closing up pores. Its wide nozzles give better coverage, and it is light and easy to use.

Reviews say that after using this facial steamer, skincare products are better absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin soft and luminous.

Price: S$212.90

Where to Buy: Dr Dennis Gross Online Store

7. Iluminage Youth Activator

Source: Iluminage

This hand-held facial machine fulfils three functions all with a touch of one button. Using RF, LED and infrared lights, it boosts collagen production and increases mico-circulation to make skin more firm and smooth, infuses it with a brighter glow and allows it better absorb moisture and nutrients.

Fine lines also disappear as skin gets more toned.

At just a little over 500 grams, it is small, light and easy to use. In fact, it can fit nicely into your pocket. Making it even more travel-friendly is the fact that it uses rechargeable batteries.

Again, because of the fact that it uses radio waves, this facial machine is not suitable for those with a heart disorder, or those who have a pacemaker or metal device implanted.

Do not use it either if you have a blood clotting disorder, skin cancer or a history of it. The facial machines should not be used on the neck where the thyroid gland is either.

Price: S$336

Where to Buy: Look Fantastic

8. La goodwind CM-1-2 Ultrasonic Skin Firming Lifting Device

Source: AliExpress

This is a lightweight, compact facial machine that treats wrinkles, droopy skin and loose muscles.

Utlising ultrasound technology with massaging actions, vibrations are sent deep into the skin to enhance collagen production, increase blood circulation and promote faster cell turnover.

The result is improved skin permeability which allows skin to absorb skincare products more efficiently. Lymphatic drainage is also improved, leading to better skin detoxification and deeper cleaning. The high-frequency vibrations help break up stubborn fat in the cheeks and chin for a more chiselled profile. Muscles also become more toned.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, it is easy to carry around and makes for a great travel companion.

Price: S$134,99

Where to Buy: Qoo10

9. NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand

Source: Pure Daily Care

This facial machine comes with six beauty wands, three of which are argon-powered applicators and applicators super-charged with tungsten for improved effectiveness. Argon is a form of clean, efficient energy while tungsten is a super conductor of electricity which does not overheat easily.

Each of the wands has a specific function. The facial machine uses high frequency to improve cellular turnover in the skin by oxygenating its various layers. The improved elasticity reduces fine lines and wrinkles while giving facial skin a must-needed lift.

Acne is treated when the high frequency destroys bacteria that causes acne and reduces inflammation.

This facial machine has a bonus neon-powered comb tube that improves hair follicle health so that hair becomes thicker and more luscious.

Price: S$213.15

Where to Buy: eBay

10. LightStim for Acne LED Light Therapy

Source: SkinStore

Here is a facial machine that promises not only to treat current acne but future breakouts as well.

The LED light device emits multiple coloured lights, each with a different wavelength to nourish the skin. Designed to deal with mild to moderate acne problems and reduce future acne problems, it works for all ages and skin types to create radiant, youthful-looking skin.

The facial machine is powered by an adaptor and comes with a free app that offers customised treatment times, product tips and guides, and customer support.

Price: S$409.70

Where to Buy: Amazon