Japanese Hair Salons: Top 9 Japanese Hair Salons in Singapore

Japanese Hair Salons: Top 9 Japanese Hair Salons in Singapore

Top 9 Japanese Hair Salons in Singapore


The Japanese are known for many things – great technology and innovation, impeccable manners and hospitality, and trendy styles. In their hair salons, you get all three - state-of-the-art technology to style your hair, wonderful service and hospitality to enhance your experience, and skilled stylists who know how to manage Asian hair.

We single out 9 of these hair salons so you can get coiffed and pampered in true Japanese fashion.

1. SPIQ Hair Salon

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This hair salon is located in the heart of the town in a vibrant and colorful Arab street. Introducing experienced and expert Japanese professionals that are well versed with hair and doing your hair color right. Cuts for both men and women are priced ranging from below $100 and still well reasonable. The directors of the salon, Sio and Ryo, are experienced in the art for over 15 years since their Tokyo days before they moved to Singapore in 2012 in their hair salon in Singapore.

The space in SPIQ has a concept where the walls are earthly colors and decorated with some little greenery, so you can get to step into a world of zen and feel a sense of peace when you step into this hair salon in Singapore. The opening hours are between 1000 hours to 2100 hours, and they are closed on every Tuesday.

2. Izumi Hair Salon

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Hair stylist Izumi, the eponymous owner of this Japanese hair salon, comes with glowing credentials. She trained under top hair stylists in Japan and even makeup guru Shu Uemura himself to see how hairstyles and makeup work together to create the total look. She also ran her own hair salon in New York for 20 years, learning from the directors of Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. No wonder she is said to be the best haircut specialist in town.

Expect the royal treatment when you step into her hair salon. Unlike other big brand names which ride on reputation alone, Izumi herself will attend to you. Because of this, the salon has but one chair. This is personalised and private service at its best. Of course, such attention means that you may not get an appointment whenever you want one.

Izumi’s prices are also high. Expect to pay at least $120 for your cut. Plus, since she is quite the solo act, the hair salon only offers cuts and colouring. Despite all this, people have only praise for her because her cuts are so expertly done they can last six month (for women) without going out of shape.

3. Rubik Hair Salon

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This Japanese hair salon specialises in Tokio de Sinka Perm and Rebonding, a revolutionary perming and straightening procedure that promises to repair and strengthen damaged hair. After the treatment, hair becomes sleek without losing its volume and bounce.

The hair salon also has other specialties. If your hair tends to flatten around the top of your head, causing it to hang limply around your face, the salon’s Up Move Perm can come to your rescue. The treatment only perms the hair close to the roots to give it the volume you need. They also have their own Rubik Shampoo and Conditioner infused with fullerene, an antioxidant that moisturises hair, and a newly patented technology that allows ceramide and cholesterol to dissolve in water and be supplied to the hair.

Hair stylist Teru is also attentive and meticulous, the very picture of Japanese precision and, some might say, reticence since he is not the most talkative. But he is unerringly polite and nice. With 15 years of experience under his belt, it is no wonder he has the skills to tame wayward hair with just the right cut.

4. AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Source: https://dailyvanity.sg/beauty-reviews/best-japanese-hair-salons-singapore


Here is a salon (actually three since there are three outlets) that will give you that one-to-one attention but will not cost you an arm and a leg. AUBE gets rave reviews for its ambience – automatically reclining chairs as you get your hair washed as well as stylish furnishings – and attentive service from start to finish.

AUBE has a stable of hair stylists, many of whom with several years of experience with international stylists. Kazuki graduated from Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and was a top hair stylist in Tokyo before coming to Singapore. He will talk to you so he can create a style to suit the shape of your head and face, the quality of your hair and even your personality. Hirohisa has been passing down his techniques to others as an instructor at a company and a school. If you have short hair or need a digital perm, he is your go-to guy. His cuts are easy to maintain and wash-and-wear ready.

5. Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon

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They are among the top hair salons in Tokyo and now there is a branch in Singapore. Art-Noise offers original treatments such as its own chiffon perm which promises to give you softer, longer-lasting curls compared to a digital perm. Requiring a shorter time and using their own chemical cream, the process is also less damaging and treats your hair, too. The result is shinier hair.

The other treatment unique to Art-Noise is the aqua straight rebonding. Their special mositurising formula with ingredients that hydrate and repair hair means glossier, natural-looking locks. They also offer head spas that cleanse your scalp so that your hair can grow lustrous and strong. The carbonated water used helps to get rid of impurities to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

If you want to colour your hair, stylist Yuji is the one to ask for. Hailing from Neolive, one of Japan’s top hair salons for cuts and colouring, his is renowned for his translucent ash hues and vivid hair colour combinations.

6. COVO Japanese Hair Salon

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COVO pride themself on providing not just Tokyo’s best techniques by stylists with more than a decade of experience but also exceptional hair care. All their chemicals for colouring and perms contain ingredients that treat hair as well. Carbonated spring water, proven to be more effective than shampoo, is also used to remove dirt and grime from the scalp and recondition the roots to reduce damage and promote healthy hair growth. Their other claim to fame is the argan oil they use for colouring and rebonding which is an age-old formula that softens and hydrates hair.

Senior stylist Shobu used to lecture on hair cut techniques which is why he is the consummate artist when it comes to hair. Whether it is long, short, bobbed, coloured or highlighted, he is the expert.

7. AVENTA Hair Salon

Source: https://dailyvanity.sg/beauty-reviews/best-japanese-hair-salons-singapore


Out of the collaboration between AUBE and URSUS groups which collectively run more than 100 hair salons in Japan comes AVENTA, their first venture abroad. All their hair stylists have more than a decade of experience and they only use top Japanese hair care products. Surprisingly, for such quality, the prices are really affordable – haircuts are $65.

AVENTA’s specialities are superb cuts and 3D hair colours that add shades to your hair simulating the way light bounces off you to give the impression of volume. Director stylist Chiho certainly lives up to expectations. She is always introducing the latest looks to customers and was one of the first to use vibrant hair colours. Having worked in Ginza, Kamakura and London, she knows how to work with every type of hair quality and face shape to create hairdos that complement.

8. Bump Hair Design

Source: https://dailyvanity.sg/beauty-reviews/best-japanese-hair-salons-singapore


From the founders of AVENTA comes another hair salon brand, Bump. Like its sister brand, this chain with its industrial chic interiors is designed to help you relax the moment you set foot in it. Also like AVENTA, all their products come from Japan and their stylists have more than 10 years’ experience. They pride themselves in discovering your personality before designing a style for you.

Then, surrender your tresses to general manager and top stylist Sone who won the gold at a Kanto region hair competition, coming in among the top five out of more than 10,000 stylists. Vibrant colours are his forte and he is particularly adept at creating colour designs calibrated to draw out your best features. His subtle gradation of colours makes even the wildest shades look sleek and stylish.

9. Branché Hair and Nail Salon

Source: https://dailyvanity.sg/beauty-reviews/best-japanese-hair-salons-singapore


From the posh interiors to the ultra-luxurious service, Branché lives up to its promise to deliver “everything we do first class”. While they are a hair salon, as the name suggests, they also do nails. In addition, they attend to eyelashes, eyebrows and give facials. As you luxuriate in their treatments, you have a choice of coffee made with hand-roasted beans or matcha latte with Japanese snacks. If you want to pamper yourself with a beauty makeover, this would be the place.

Each hair service comes with a microscopic scalp analysis so they can better treat your hair and ensure longer lasting results. Their stylists are handpicked from Branché in Japan to ensure quality is not compromised. That is why they have won several awards including Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2015 for Best Treatment for Sensitive Scalp and Best Customised Scalp Healer.