60 places you can sign up for workshops in Singapore to work in some fun

60 places you can sign up for workshops in Singapore to work in some fun

So, you can’t travel. And you can’t gather in large groups or dine out. And you have to abide by those safe-distancing rules. You wonder: How long will this last? When can the fun resume?

We may not have the answer to the former. But we certainly have plenty of ideas for the latter. There are few fun things you can transcend good times as well as tough ones and attending workshops and classes is one of them.

It is fun, safe and meaningful. What is more, workshops and classes are perfect for self-improvement. Whatever skills you pick up can last you a lifetime.

These days, there are so many to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. We know you are perfectly capable of finding the usual workshops that teach cooking, baking, various forms of dance, art and crafts, and different sports.

But there is a slew of other types of workshops you can book a spot at that will raise your eyebrows and be conversation starters. We have 60 such out-of-the-ordinary workshops that will expand your horizon and spark your imagination.

So, get interested, get going and get learning.

Get crafty

  1. Get crafty with clay

    If you’ve ever enjoyed playing with Polly Pocket or loved watching Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen creations on Instagram where miniature food is cooked to the minutest of details, then you will be delighted by Tinkle Art’s workshops.


    The social enterprise specialises in classes that teach you how to make miniature clay replicas of food items down to the tiniest aspects. The Kimchi Jjigae workshop lets you make an entire Korean set meal complete with a drink. For a local spin, learn to make a perfect itsy-bitsy bowl of wanton mee (noodles with barbecue pork slices and dumplings) that comes with a pair of chopsticks artfully floating in the air.

    The miniature food sculpting workshops are every creative foodie’s dream come true. It is craft and cuisine rolled into one three-hour hands-on session. You will also be doing a good deed because Trinkle Arts supports the underprivileged. So, even as you are picking up a fun skill, you will be helping someone in need.

    If you want to take home not just something you can display with pride but wear with style, Hands on Klay is where you want to sign up at. In three-and-a-half hours, you will be able to fashion earrings made of clay to take home with you.

    Each workshop also teaches design skills such as creating 2-D and 3-D floral patterns, and marbling and swirling techniques. This will let you decorate your very own one-of-a-kind accessory. If earrings are not quite your thing, you can make brooches and even hair barrettes or turn your earring into a Christmas ornament for the festive season.

    At the workshop, you will have access to a massive collection of clay of some 40 odd different colours as well as crafting material such as ribbons, glitter, pompoms and tassels. These will enhance your clay wearable art.

    Don’t assume that this is a women-only workshop. Few women would not want a pair of bespoke earrings made by their significant other. So, men, take heed.

  2. Get crafty with leather

    If you still think making earrings are a tad to girly for your taste, try your hand at making leather products. At Crafune, you can pick up leathercraft skills in just a few hours.


    There are several different leather workshops you can attend. If you are just starting out, go small and make accessories. In a single session, you will get to make a key holder, coin pouch and card holder. You can personalise your product by debossing or hot-stamping initials, names, dates and even whole phrases.

    Feeling more ambitious? Then, head for the workshops that will teach you to make wallets, handbags, tote bags and even backpacks. You will be a regular Kate Spade when you are done.

    By the time you are done, you will not only have a lovely leather product to take home, you will have acquired the knowledge to take care of your leather goods.

    It may sound complex but the workshops are suitable even for children.

    Stone for Gold wants to garner new interest in the old craft of making leather goods. Quality goods and fine skills are what they offer. The leather they use is full grain vegetable tanner leather and the skills they impart include:

    • Basic leather cutting skills
    • Different types of leather and their features
    • Working with basic leather carving tools
    • Leather edge burnishing
    • Leather care tips
    • Saddle Stitching

    Because of their dedication to perfecting workmanship, they have intermediate workshops where different modules are taught as well so that those interested in mastering the skills beyond the basics can sign up.

    Another place to go to for leather crafting skills is Atelier Lodge. Run by a team of leather artisans who have produced handmade leather goods for their own international brand, you know you are in the hands of masters when you join their workshops.

    They promise that they can take you from mere hobby to industry standard marketable skills. That is why they have Basic as well as Intermediate classes. The Basic course features two types of classes: Cutting-Pro and Stitching-Pro.

    The Intermediate course takes you through a progressive syllabus that will cover Basic Fundamentals, Required Techniques and a Final Project. After completing the course, you will be able to make your own leather products independently.

    At Bynd Artisan, teaching participants to customise their products is key. So, apart from learning to make leather products, they offer workshops on painting on leather. You can learn to paint cartoon characters or monograms on your leather goods to personalise them.

  3. Get crafty with metal

    If working with leather conjures up medieval craft, then working with metal will surely excite those interested in participating in a slice of history.

    At Fat Anvil Studios, you can become a silversmith and come away with customised earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, pendants or bracelets.

    One of the most unique and romantic workshops they offer is a couples workshop where you can make your own his and hers rings. Using 925 sterling silver, you can purchase gemstones to add bling to your ring.

    There is even a wedding band workshop where you can make your own 18k palladium white, rose or yellow gold forever accessory.

    Artisan8 Studio is a metalworking studio that conducts jewellery and metalworking workshops. What sets it apart from others is that it offers classes that use different material and techniques.

    Noteworthy is their Torch & Kiln Enamelling workshop. Enamelling is the art of applying colour to metal jewellery by fusing coloured glass powder onto the surface of the metal. The metal is than exposed to high temperatures – 760 degrees Celsius – to seal in the colour.

    At this class, you will get to hand-saw your own copper shape before fusing it with glass enamels by using a hand torch or kiln. You can make two pairs of earrings or four pendants or key rings.

  4. Get crafty with rubber

    If you are keen to make your own mark, a rubber stamp carving workshop might just be what you need.

    Artefakts will teach you how to carve your own stamps so that you can make your own prints. Their Peranakan motif stamps are uniquely Singaporean and will surely add a touch of local culture to your greeting cards, journals and scrapbooks. At the beginner class, you will master the technique of carving clean, smooth edges with the use of different carving tools. Proper inking and printing techniques will also be imparted.

    For stamps of different themes, sign up with ParadeMade. You can learn to carve food-themed stamps, botanical-themed stamps, forest critters-themed stamp, personalised name-stamps and kawaii stamps (or cute Japanese cartoon stamps).

  5. Get crafty with paper

    There is more to paper craft than paper aeroplanes and origami. At Merremade, you can learn to made crepe paper flowers that can rival the real deal in beauty and do even better by lasting much longer.

    There are Beginner Classes where you will be taught to make paper hydrangeas, jasmines, sweetpeas, roses and peonies. At the Intermediate Class, ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, Juliet roses, dahlias and peonies will complete your paper bouquet.

    Miss Petal & Bloom boasts premium Italian crepe paper that allows the flowers to hold their shape and colour for a longer time, and teaches participants to cut, sculpt and glue each petal painstakingly by hand. From wedding bouquets to decorations for homes, offices and events, these paper ever-blooms are guaranteed to add cheer to any space.

  6. Get crafty with wood

    If watching food programmes on television or food videos on Instagram and YouTube has inspired you to go all fancy, then you might want to have a go at making your own kitchen utensil at Tombalek.

    They are the woodworking and metalworking experts and one fun class they offer is the Cheese and Chopping Board Class where you can shape and create your own cheese and chopping boards. To accompany them, you can sign up for their Zef’s Knife Class where you can forge, grind and polish your own set of stainless steel knives in just six hours.

    Make your kitchen complete by making your own wooden bowl at the Bowl Turning Class and matching chopsticks at the Chopsticks Making Class. You will be taught how to turn a block of wood into lovely hand-hewn utensils.

  7. Get crafty with resin


    Resin is a versatile material often used to make durable castings, flooring and countertops. Now, there are workshops where you can learn to make resin products.

    Chokmah is a Singapore-based brand that specialises in modern, sustainable, handcrafted lifestyle products as well as artisanal surface design material. The green company uses eco-friendly jesmonite for their products in their effort to minimise waste.

    Apart from buying their products, you can learn to make your own at their workshops. The Terrazzo-Style Coaster Workshop and Marble-Style Coaster Workshop are where you can handcraft your own coasters, colour mixing, casting or pouring and sanding your product to reflect your personal style all within one and a half hours.

    When you take a class with Chokmah, you are also doing your part for the earth because a portion of their online sales goes to the Plant-A-Tree programme where every tree planted contributes to the One Million Trees Movement. The campaign aims to have a million trees planted in Singapore over the next 10 years.

    At Room to Imagine, you can make resin dishes, cheese boards, platters and even coffee tables.

    Not only do they boast different products, they will also offer different styles of resin art. You can learn how to press flowers and leaves as well as gold foil flakes and glitter glass to design a botanical themed product. Or you can learn how to pour acrylic to create stunning swirls of colours to make your product pop. For added sparkle, pick up the skill of working with epoxy resin. At this workshop, you have your choice of real crystal shards and natural stones to add to your work of art to make it really shine.

  8. Get crafty with stone

    Not all craft workshops deal with pretty, girly things. Some deal with quite manly material. Concrete Everything, as its name suggests, is a local design studio that creates unique pieces primarily from concrete although they have since expanded to include items made with resin and jesmonite.

    Fancy a concrete desk lamp or stationary holder to add masculine charm to your office? How about a concrete planter to bring Nature indoors?

    They have both physical and virtual classes so Covid-19 safe distancing measures are not an issue.

  9. Get crafty with glass

    How would you like to decorate your home with your own glass creations – art installations, vases or lamps. Now you can at Art Class Katong.

    Their glass blowing class for beginners will focus on hot glass blowing which allows you to blow glass without a furnace. Instead, you will be taught to pick up and roll flat glass to shape and blow, a technique popular with contemporary studio glass artists in recent times.

    Singapore’s only glass blower B. Jane Cowie will teach you how to work with hot glass that can go up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, turn the pipe and understand the skills needed to sculpt hot glass into creations of your own imagination.

Get arty

Think workshops and often the first ones to come to mind are art classes. Sure, there are drawing, sketching and painting workshops aplenty. But why go for the norm when you can try the extraordinary?

  1. Calligraphy

    We are not talking traditional Chinese calligraphy but the kind of penmanship that can bring your handmade cards to a whole new level.


    Started by letter artist, illustrator and surface designer Zoey Chua, Zoetry & Letters offers corporate lettering and journal workshops where you can discover the power of beautiful handwriting and how it can be used to liven up anything from walls and windows to book covers and personal belongings.

    The Workroom offers both in-person and online workshops where you can pick up modern calligraphy and brush lettering skills. From a system of writing to how to use your tools, by the end of the lesson, you will be able to adorn journals, postcards, bookmarks and more with artistically rendered words.

    Calligraphy, watercolour and design studio Souldeelight offers a series of calligraphy workshops – modern, brush, copperplate and even an intensive class called Flourishing in Calligraphy. You can pick watercolour classes to go with these so that you can paint illustrations to go with the words.

  2. Silkscreen printing


    Silkscreen printing is the process of stencilling designs onto a flat mesh screen using ink and a squeegee. With this, you can create your own designs on fabric.

    Knuckles & Notch is a Risograph (stencil duplicator) publishing and print studio and they offer a five-hour workshop where you can learn to create a home-based silkscreening set-up. All that you need – frame, silkscreen mesh, emulsion, ink, squeegee, scooper, acrylic, transparent sheet, stationary – will be provided as you learn how to print designs on a cotton tote bag which you can take home with you.

  3. Pot designing

    Why paint on paper or canvas when you can get creative painting on other mediums? The Rain in Spain takes everyday objects and transforms them into colourful, artistic personalised items through painting.

    Here, you can paint on dishes and pots for plants with patterns, colour blocks or illustrations with different techniques.

    Artisan Han’s lets you paint on porcelain. This is an important skill if you want to customise your own porcelain vases, pots and crockery.

Get making

When we think of learning to make things, we usually think of making food items or clothes. But there are several creative workshops you can sign up for that will teach you to make other items that we usually only think to buy off the shelves.

Here are some handmade things you can have a go at.

  1. Make your own soap

    Soap Ministry is a pioneer in the use of natural ingredients in skincare products. Started by Diana Ong in her search for products that her daughter suffering from severe eczema could tolerate, now she is sharing her expertise so others can create their own natural soaps.

    Choose from three Melt & Pour workshops that let you choose different soap bases, essential oils, herbs, colours and moulds – up to over 400 – to create your own soap. For higher level soap-making, there are seven Cold Process Soap Making workshops where you can learn different techniques and how to create various designs.

    Sugar & Spice specialises in cold process handmade soaps and skincare products made from natural plant-based ingredients. You can pick up tips on not just making bar soaps but liquid soaps as well that are free from chemicals and toxins.

    The CP Liquid Soap Making Class will equip you with the knowledge to make your own body wash, shampoo and even laundry and dish washing liquid soaps. At the end of the two hours, you will can bring home two litres of natural liquid Castile soap that is soothing, naturally moisturising and gentle on the skin.

  2. Make your own perfume

    Once you make your own soaps, you are just a hop and skip away from making other fragrance-related products. So, why not sign up for a perfume making class?

    Oo La Lab offers a Singapore: Fragrance Design & Mixology Session dubbed Chemistry of Oo. At the session, complex fine fragrances will be deconstructed into their primary building blocks as Oo La Lab shares insights into creating a personal scent that will evoke character, mood and context.

    At Perfume Workshop Singapore, couples can make a date of learning to create their own perfumes. There is a perfume personality test included so that you can understand your own scent preference and that of your partner to better customise your perfume. A free name engraving service is provided so that your 20ml perfume bottle is personalised to make the occasion even more memorable.

    Six will teach you about basic perfumery and, after a hands-on session, let you go home with a 10ml bottle of that you have made.

    Maison 21 G is another place to go to make your own signature scent. The interactive workshop will cover topics such as ingredients, techniques and the type of scent that suits you best. Go home with a personalised full-size bottle of perfume that is uniquely tailored to suit your senses and taste.

    Their couples package allows you to create individual fragrances as well as one that fits you as a couple. The combination of his and hers preference will result in a special combination that marks you as a pair. At the end of the workshop, you will have a bottle each of your personal perfume as well as one shared perfume creation.

  3. Make your own face mask

    Facial masks are a must-have in any skincare routine. Among the six types – clay, peel-off, thermal, cream, warm-oil and natural – clay masks are the best for oily skin. These masks absorb oil from the skin, preventing pimples, blackheads and whiteheads by removing excessive dirt and oil, and unclogging pores.

    Now, you can make your own clay mask at FRANKSKINCARE. You will get to blend a range of botanical and clay ingredients, and understand the benefits and science behind each ingredient and how they can help your skin type. All the dos and don’ts you need to customise your own mask will be taught and you can bring home a jar of your own specially created clay mask blend to continue your facial treatment at home.

  4. Make your own candle

    While you are at it, how about giving candle making a shot. To Be Calm has workshops that will teach you to make scented candles. Included would be a lesson on why fragrances are so relatable and how to use them to create an optimal state of mind as well as the types of waxes and their performance.

    You will also come away with an appreciation of the fragrance pyramid – how top notes, middle notes and base notes play a role in fragrance selection and the ‘throw’ (how well the fragrance from a candle circulates) of the fragrance.

    Sally’s Room has not just classes using different types of waxes but also classes at various levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Select from soy candle making, palm candle making, paraffin candle making, bee wax candle making and gel wax candle making. There are also candle painting classes and a master class for those who want a more intense curriculum.

    Epic Workshops lives up to its name by offering myriad workshops. Among their candle making workshops are some that are quite extraordinary. Their Message in a Candle workshop teaches you to make candles that burn down to reveal a hidden message which makes for a romantic surprise gift.

  5. Make your own lip balm

    The Moon has a Lip Balm and Lip Tint Making workshop where you can customise your own shade of lip balm. You will get to blend ingredients to make up to four natural beeswax lip balms that will keep your kissers smooth and supple. You will also get to mix essential oils to make two jojoba oil-based lip balms.

    Korea is known for its skincare products and skincare regime. So, a Korean style lip balm making class should garner quite a bit of interest, particularly when the instructor is a native Korean. When you are done, you will have three lip balms to commemorate the occasion.

  6. Make your own terrarium


    Tiny gardens sealed within glass domes, terrariums have gained popularity in recent years. J2 Terrarium offers workshops where you can bring Mother Nature indoors. At the end of the workshop, you will have acquired landscaping skills to handle miniature plants as well as made your own terrarium complete with tropical plants, decorative sand and a figurine.

    Apart from terrarium workshops, Inout Atelier offers a Preserve Mossframe Workshop which teaches the botanical art of preserved moss installation. The moss is arranged to create a 3D work of art mounted on a flat surface that can then be framed to decorate any wall. It is an alternative to a green wall that is as lovely to behold as it is easy to make.

    The Orijean’s terrarium workshops are themed so you can pick the kind of terrarium you want to make. The Stone series features clay vases that evoke a Zen calm. The Wild series features succulents. The Petite series is the mini version of the air style terrarium, proving that small can be beautiful, too.

  7. Get cooking

    Cooking classes are a dime a dozen. You can learn to make just about any cuisine. Baking classes are just as ubiquitous. Everyone is an aspiring home cook or home baker.

    If you want to wow family and friends, we recommend you some workshops you can attend to literally give them a taste of your creativity.

  8. Make your own gin

    Want to attend Gin School? You can at Brass Lion Distillery. Within three hours, you can craft your own bottle of gin. Begin the class with a sensory tour of the world of botanicals. You can touch, smell and taste the herbs from their herb garden and lab before creating your own recipe. Then, in individual mini copper pots, you will distil your own well-balanced spirit based on the flavour profile of your choice. Top off the experience with a complimentary gin and tonic with the very gin that you have made.

    At Kyro Distillery, you can blend your own gin and learn how great gin is created. Working with a wide selection of separately distilled Nordic botanicals, Kyro brand ambassador Fadly Sujebto will guide you to come up with a gin that is uniquely yours. Then, take home a bottle of your creation to impress family and friends.

  9. Make your own beer


    Sign up with Homebrew Co-op for a beer brewing workshop and see how easy homebrewing can be when you have a brewmaster taking you through all the steps. When you are done, you will be able to make your own beer with one of their extract kits. You can even go for the advance class to up your skills.

  10. Make your own wine

    Gardens with Purpose’s 1-Day Home-Made Herbal Wine & Fruit Beer workshop will show you how to make your own special liquor or herbal tonic drink which you can name. You will be given step-by-step instructions from an expert for making a fruit wine and a herbal tonic.

  11. Make your own chocolate

    Sure, you can buy them off the shelf. There are even designer ones that are luxury in every bite. But wouldn’t it be nice to give someone you love a box of chocolates you have made with your own hands?

    Epic Workshops offers chocolate making classes that will allow you to do just that.

    ANJALICHOCOLAT is a luxury brand that makes their chocolates fresh daily with only the finest ingredients – Belgian Couverture, fresh cream, butter, whole spices and fruit puree. They offer a chocolates and truffles workshop in two levels. At level 1, you will make dark chocolate truffles and Earl Grey tea truffles. By level 2, you will graduate to dark chocolate raspberry bonbons and chocolate bars.

    Chocz is where chocolate lovers can go to learn about the enrobing and decorating chocolate truffles as well as making chocolate figurines in one easy one-an-a-half hour session.

  12. Make your own pasta

    BonAppetour will introduce a little Italian into your kitchen with their pasta making workshop. You will be taught to turn flour and eggs into pasta dough, the right kneading and shaping techniques, and the art of cutting your dough into different shapes to make ravioli, tagliatelle and spaghetti.

    To complement your meal, they will even throw in a pasta sauce making session where vegetables and Italian herbs are used to create a classic Italian pasta sauce.

    Of course, no Italian meal is ever quite complete without the quintessential Italian dessert, tiramisu. So, you will get to learn how to make this Italian classic as well.

  13. Make your own jam


    Baking your own bread is so last year. Every Covid cook has tried their hands at it. Up your game by learning to make your own spreads to go with home-made bread.

    At the Baking Industry Training College, you can make your own strawberry jam and marmalade spread that are free of preservatives and full of natural goodness.

  14. Make your own cocktails

    Sipbarconcierge has a series of two-hour Cocktail Making workshop where you can learn the basics of mixology. Each will give you the skills to make one type of cocktail.

    Cocktails from the Movies will give you a taste of Hollywood. You will get to make James Bond’s favourite drink and Carrie Bradshaw’s go-to – the Cosmo. Every February, there is a Love Portion Concoction Cocktail workshop for lovebirds to drink to romance. Other seasonal workshops include a Halloween-themed one and another for Christmas.

    Hopscotch’s cocktail workshop comes with a twist – they can customise the cocktail you learn based on the type of event or your favourite flavour profile. This makes them ideal for hen parties, birthdays and corporate events. They can even create cocktails to suit your colour theme.

    Novices have nothing to fear. The cocktail masters will take you through the basics such as an introduction of bar tools and a basic understanding of spirits before moving on to instructions on how to set up a home bar.

    Kyro Distillery has a selection of cocktail making classes you can pick from. The Colombo No.7 Cocktail Class will introduce you to Sri Lankan spirits and teach you to make three cocktails with the Colombo Gin. The step-by-step class will ensure that you simply cannot go wrong.

    The Monkey Shoulder Cocktail Class will teach you how to use Money Shoulder Whisky to create a heady mix that will dispel any belief that whiskeys are stately, sedate drinks for the elderly.

    Particularly noteworthy is the Clairin / Veritas Cocktail Class by Ronan Keilthy, the winner of the Clairin World Championship. The head bartender of 28 Hong Kong Street, one of the bars in Asia with the most awards, will take you to the world of rum where you will learn to make three exotic rum-based cocktails.

Get new experiences

There is no better way to learn something than to experience it first-hand. That is why coffee, tea and even wine appreciation classes are so sought after. To add to your list, we introduce other types of workshops to increase your knowledge and expand your horizon.

  1. Whiskey appreciation

    You can learn all your need to know about whiskey at the whiskey appreciation workshop at The Single Cask, Singapore’s only independent whiskey bottler. They have an impressive collection of 400-odd single malts, boutique blended malts and single cask rums.

    You will get to learn about the history of whiskey and how the spirit became a classic drink of the sophisticated. Learn about the local bar scene in Singapore as well. Then sample four different types of whiskies including new ones not usually available. You will be taught how to differentiate the characteristics of different whiskey-producing regions based on their tasting notes.

    At Sing Experience, you can learn all you need to know about whiskey – its history, what ingredients go into it, how it is made and the different labels – in just two hours. Get acquainted with the distinctive Scottish whiskey and find out how it is different from Irish Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey.

  2. Sake appreciation


    Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd has a sake appreciation workshop you can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home. Every other Wednesday, you can join their in-house educator Adrian Goh via Zoom to learn about sake and taste the different types. Simply join their sake on-nomi and you will be given a sake tasting kit with five mini bottles of sakes, information about the sakes complete with taste notes.

  3. Cheese appreciation


    The Cheese Ark is the haven for cheese lovers. Not only do they age their own cheese, allowing them to produce more flavour profiles, they also source for cheeses from around the world.

    At their Cheese Appreciation event, 10 of their best cheeses of the week will be offered to showcase the different styles, ages, milk and expertise of cheesemakers. You will taste the various cheeses and learn what makes them different.

    There are also classes that teach you to pair cheeses with different drinks – whiskey, port and madeira, craft beer, cider, mead and wine.

  4. Art appreciation

    If you have ever felt a bit like Eliza Doolittle in need of a little lesson in culture, then go to My Art Space for some art appreciation workshops online. The Contemplative Observation workshop is a series of five art appreciation sessions that will help you experience a new way of looking at a painting dubbed Contemplative observation. You will get to know more about a contemporary artist and develop sensitivity to art through discussions with other participants. Through these interactions, you will discover how generative dialogue can enhance creative co-creation.

    Composition with Masters will teach you the principles of composition by observing the paintings of great masters. Conducted over five sessions via Zoom, when you are through, you will have a deeper understanding of how the masters put together the images to create lasting works of beauty.

  5. Understanding skin care

    It is not just beauty regimen classes but beauty regimen classes that are green that you will get at FRANKSKINCARE. The Organic Skincare 101 workshop will help you go organic with your skincare routine.

    Founder Cissy Chen will teach you about the benefits of using organic and ethically produced skincare products. With skin profiling, she will also help you tailor a regime to your skin type. There is a built-in Q&A session so you can have all your organic skincare queries answered.

Get skilled

  1. Fishing

    Who knew there was so much more to fishing than dropping the line and waiting for the fish to take the bait? If you have ever felt the frustration of the fish not biting, then you might want to hone your fishing skills.

    My Fishing Frenzy Academy offers fishing workshops of varying levels. For the uninitiated, start with the Beginner Angler’s Course. Take a ride to Lazarus Island and be introduced to the basic theory and practical steps of fishing. The whole day affair will make for a lovely out-of-the-mainland excursion.

    Once done, you can go on to learn about fishing in the open sea at the Novice Angler’s Course. Fishing in the sea lets you haul in bigger fish and is much harder than fishing on land because of the conditions that need to be taken into account – the wind, currents and the undulating seabed. Intermediate and advanced courses are available, too.

  2. Juggling

    How hard is it to keep three balls in the air? Maybe a little practise would make juggling easier. If you have tried it on your own and failed, though, join a workshop at JimmyJuggler. Jimmy was the master who taught a core team of crowd motivators to juggle for the Singapore National Day Parade 2008 and he can teach you, too.

    It is not just for clowning around though. Juggling has several benefits including increasing brain power; improving concentration, coordination and rhythm; and enhancing mobility and spatial awareness. Plus, it is a great way to relieve stress and so much fun.

  3. Magic


    To go with your juggling skills, how about some magic skills? At Magic Castle, you can pick up some close-up magic tricks to entertain and amaze those you know.

  4. Improv

    If all those years watching Saturday Night Live has made you wish you could do stand-up comedy, or at least ad lib with humour, then The Improv Company is what you are looking for.

    They have several workshops to sharpen your improv skill.

    If you are just exploring, then the Improv for Everyone workshop is a good place to start. The introduction to improvised theatre lets you try out games and exercises that teach the principles behind improv and comedy.

    Once you have had your taste of improv, there are courses and even camps you can enrol in. From creating a character, building a narrative, developing a scene and story-telling to hosting skills and taking centre stage for longer performances, there is everything you need to take you from sometime comedian to skilled thespian.