3 things I would like you to try when you visit Japan

Hello, this is RYOTA.

Now you can go to Japan, I would like to write about 3 things that I would like non-Japanese people to try when you visit Japan.


1) Warm canned corn potage drink

It is January now, so it is winter season in Japan. During your trip, you will probably be outside a lot.

There are vending machines everywhere in Japan.

One of the most popular vending machine drinks in winter is corn potage.

It is a great way to warm up cold hands in the cold.

If you are traveling with your family or loved ones, please sit on a park bench and enjoy a conversation while slowly sipping a hot cup of corn pottage. It is sure to bring you closer together.


(2) Get off at a non-touristy station

When you go to a tourist spot, you may be surprised at the number of non-Japanese visitors. This is very gratifying, but the real beauty of Japan cannot be seen from the sightseeing spots.

Please try to get off at non-touristy stations.

My recommendation is to get off at a local station where express trains do not stop.

Then take a walk around the station.

An old coffee shop run by grandmother

A popular local takoyaki shop

A park where elementary school children run around


Try to find a nice place that only you know in your country.

You will surely become attached to that ordinary station.

I believe that having many such places will enrich your life.


(3) Sento (Public bathhouse)

When I was in elementary school, it was popular to get together with friends around 5:00 p.m. and go to a public bathhouse together.

The main difference between a public bathhouse and a hot spring (onsen) is that an onsen is basically created by nature, whereas a sento is an artificial public bathhouse. Basically, sento are cheap and are places created for people's daily lives, not for tourism).


While soaking in the hot water, my friends and I talked about trivial things.

After spending an hour or so enjoying the sento, our daily routine was to watch One Piece anime while drinking lemon squash together.


By going to a public bath instead of a hot spring, you can see how Japanese people really live.

They are inexpensive (only a few hundred yen) and very relaxing, so please try them.


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