I went on business trip to Japan

Hello, this is RYOTA.

I went on a business trip to Japan from February 13 to February 19, 2023.

I often go on business trips to Japan, and my objectives are as follows.

1) To discover interesting Japanese products.

This time, I participated in an exhibition called the Gift Show held in Tokyo.

New products in a variety of genres such as apparel, accessories, toys, cosmetics, and food gather at Tokyo Big Sight, a very large exhibition hall, over a period of three days.

I have been participating in this show to discover products that I think will be popular in Singapore, where I live, and in other countries.

The above are new products from our existing brand and the exhibition is a good opportunity to see them first hand.

2) Influencer (KOL) Support

We dispatch Singaporean influencers to Japan to conduct live sales from the stores of Japanese brands. We work behind the scenes to provide interpretation, logistical support and etc.

I didn't have this job during the business trip this time.

(3) Make Contents

Since I myself have become active as a Tiktoker, I take time out from my work to create content. This time, I produced videos of sightseeing at Tokyo Tower and visiting my grandmother who lives in Nara Prefecture.

The live-streaming from Japan was very well received by my fans. The number of unique viewers during the 40-minute live stream of my walk on my way home from work was about 1,000, with a maximum of 74 simultaneous viewers, 131 viewers who commented, and 5,200 likes.

I hope to continue to grow our influence and increase the percentage of this work in the future.


Contact us for work: hello@melo2.com

TikTok @ryota_melomelo

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