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Hello, my name is RYOTA.

I want to properly write about something here today.

Thankfully, I have more and more followers and 99% of them support me. Thank you very much.

On the other hand, it is also true that there are about 1% of haters. I can roughly divide the reasons into two: I am Japanese, and they don't like what I say or how I respond to them.

I cannot change the fact that I am Japanese. There is very little I can do personally to atone for the wrongs of my country in history. On the other hand, I am a businessman. As a Japanese living abroad, I would like to contribute to other countries, including Singapore, by growing my business, creating more jobs, and providing sincere services to my customers and fans.

Next, I would like to address the point that they do not like what I say or how I respond to them. When I make a mistake in my work, I apologize and do the best I can. For example, when there was a delivery error, I personally covered the cost.

If I receive unexpected comments about my personal life, or if I receive too harsh hate-comments (e.g., those that hurt my family and friends), I delete them. I also do not reply to most DMs unless they are about work. Although I do not have a clear standard, I do reply to messages of support that are heartfelt, or to friends we have met face to face in the store and have become close friends with. Some of messages make me think about whether or not I should reply and how to reply without hurting them. As you know, I am a very responsible and hardworking Japanese, so I am very busy every day. Please don't be offended if I don't reply.

I was married in the past. Due to a difference in direction in life, we talked and finally decided to get divorced. It was the most painful thing that ever happened to me in my life.

The reasons for this are not my story alone, so let me keep them to myself. Because of this, I am more cautious about relationships than most people. My way of thinking is also different from when I was younger, and I think I have a very conservative way of thinking. I did not want to disclose this kind of information about my private life if possible. However, because of the escalation of personal attacks against me due to unexpected speculation, I have decided to be a man and write about my past and my thoughts.

Perhaps some of my fans will leave me as a result of this disclosure. Even so, I wanted to do the best I could with the utmost sincerity. I can only thank those who read this blog and still remain my fans.


  • Ryota san, I feel that it is your personal life, people should not be judging you just because of your past marriage.
    It has nothing to do with them.
    There is always differences between two individuals.
    If both of you are not suitable and parted, it is very normal.
    This should not hinder you in getting on to a next r/s.

    Rei on
  • Isn’t it interesting that the 1% had such an impact on you. What about the 99% who think your a good man? Sweetie your a handsome, successful man, of course there will be people who strike out at you. It just goes with the territory 😉 I don’t think you have to worry about your fan base, from what I can see these women are on you like bees to honey😂😂😂. It’s your sweetness that draws people and I would encourage you not to worry about others think or say who truly don’t know you. 😊🙃😘

    Kimberly Choate on
  • Of course I will always support you. even if it’s just a little bit and thanks to the world that attracted me to meet.🙏😎✌️😊

    Charin on
  • Hi Ryota,
    I read your respective message, and I support you. In any community, you will find haters and lovers who help you improve or disappoint you on many paths. What I want to say is that lovers help you to Improve, and haters help you how to deal with them; therefore, both can help you if you positively deal with them.

    Amal “ Amersa “ on
  • Ryptaro, you’re working in Singapore, their average IQ is 105 (according to a source). And most of them are Chinese. It’s alright. Some Chinese are extremists. It’s your lesson to learn on how to deal with smart people. And I can tell you, sincerity is the only way. The good news is they’re only a small group of people. The others highly intelligent people will not be influenced by them. On the other hand, those who get influenced, obviously wasn’t wise enough. So, there’s no point feeling hurt over them.
    Brave yourself and face them.
    After that, leave them and keep working.

    Shugensha on

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