Lady's apparels and Ghibli products at MELO

Konnichiwa, this is RYOTA.

I run MELO EVERYDAY JAPAN EXPO, physical and online store in Singapore. 

Today, I would like to share with you some of the products we plan to purchase in the future.

As you may know if you have visited MELO recently, we have a wide variety of cat motif products.

If there are any attractive cat motif products in the future, we would like to continue to actively handle them.

In the apparel category, we have started to handle women's apparel, although until now we have only sold unisex products.

We would like to actively handle women's apparel as long as there are products that are suitable for Singapore's climate.

Puff Sleeve Denim Midi Dress (2 Colors) 

PCollar V-neck Drawstring Maxi Dress (Plain/Polka Dot)

 Basic Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3 Colors)

 BShort Sleeve Crew Neck Striped T-Shirt (2 Colors)


Next is character-related products. This was strongly requested by my TikTok followers and shopping malls. We would like to handle Ghibli goods that would fit our store's image. We would like to start selling these items, targeting the end of February. We would also like to make a little extra effort to decorate the store accordingly.

I am busy with my work in Singapore as an influencer in addition to managing the MELO business, but I am planning to visit Japan again soon to discover new products.


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