I want to take my mother to Okage Yokocho in Mie Prefecture

Hello, this is RYOTA.

We are planning to hold a Mie Prefecture Fair at MELO FUNAN from February 1 to 28, 2023.

This is a project commissioned by Mie Prefecture to support companies from Mie Prefecture to expand their business in Singapore.

Most non-Japanese people probably don't know much about Mie Prefecture.

I haven't been there since I was small but I have been thinking for a long time that I would really like to visit a place called "Okage Yokocho". I have heard that Okage Yokocho is a tourist attraction near Ise Jingu Shrine with many stores lined up and it is a perfect place for a stroll to eat and walk around (jalan jalan makan).

(Photo from Ise City Tourist Association website)

Mie Prefecture is about 2.5 hour drive from my home town Osaka. Next time I return to Osaka, I would like to take my mother to Mie Prefecture in the car to show my filial piety.

Well, at the Mie Prefecture Fair, we plan to deal in food and beverages produced in Mie Prefecture, which are also sold in this "Okage Yokocho", as well as pearl accessories and other items.

In addition to sales at the store, we are also planning to hold a private tasting event. My colleague Kanae-san (KANAMIN) and I will be present at this tasting event. Let's enjoy having conversation together and let us know your honest opinions about their products. Those who cooperate in the tasting event (non-Japanese only) will receive food and other gifts produced in Mie Prefecture.

I will announce the date of the tasting event on my Telegram Channel first, so please follow me!

Telegram: https://t.me/ryota_melomelo

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