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Hello, this is RYOTA.

I love reading books and learning new things. I actively try to use the knowledge I acquire from books in my work. Today, I would like to introduce "Strength Finder"

This book provides a self-assessment test. In my team, I have everyone take the test when they join my team. As a leader of the team, it's important for me to understand team member's strength. I want them to cherish and enhance their strength and step up their career.

There are 34 strengths in total, and the results are sorted in order of strength from the top to the bottom.

Now I would like to share with you my top 5 results.

1. Ideation: I have a lot of ideas. I always write them down on my smartphone and on paper so I don't forget them. For example, it's easy for me to think about new TikTok content idea.

2. Focus: I write down my goals on a piece of paper and look at it every morning. If it's necessary, I modify my plan to stay on track. This habit has been going on for more than 10 years.

3. Futuristic: I love to think about the future. It excites me. I have a plan for 5 years.

4. Relator: I like working with friends. I would like to be like family with my team members. I like the motto from Itewon Class (K-Drama)

"People & Trust"

5. Competition: I am always looking to be the best. I'm not interested in being no.2.

I felt that these diagnostic results were quite accurate for me.

Please take this test when you have time.


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