【RYOTA】New Year's resolution

Hello, my name is RYOTA.

It's a new year, so I would like to leave a blog about my resolution for this year.

(1) 300,000 TikTok followers

I started TikTok in mid-September 2022. As of now, we have 24,000 followers. Thank you very much for your support. Your support is my motivation.

During the live-streaming, I said that my goal was to reach 100,000 followers, and I think I can achieve it if I keep up this pace. However, that is not a big challenge. I thought "That doesn't sound like me." People around me would say "That's a little too much." I think it's just right that people around me think so.

I raise the target to 300,000, which is three times my original goal. It is an extraordinary goal, but I want to be a man who is always up for a challenge.

(2) Learning Malay language

I am happy when a foreigner greets me with "Konnichiwa!" It is not just a greeting, but it has many meanings. At least they made an effort to learn that one word.

In Singapore, English, Chinese, Malay, and Hindu are official languages. I tried to study Chinese once, but I found it too difficult to pronounce and gave up. So I wanted to try Malay this time.

Of course, it makes sense to study a language from a business standpoint as well. Being able to speak Malay will be a great weapon for me when I expand my business to Malaysia, Singapore's neighbor country.

(3) Challenge to become a model, actor, and singer

I am already 33 years old. Objectively speaking, it is probably a rather late start for me to pursue such a career. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a professional singer because I wanted to be famous. I had a little confidence in my singing. But as I grew older, earning money became more important. I gave up my dream of becoming a singer in the middle of the road.

As I started TikTok and received support from everyone, I was given the opportunity to audition by a casting agency. I haven't gotten any results yet, but this was the spark that ignited my heart again.

Many of the people who support me have told me "I was encouraged by seeing RYOTA's challenge."

I would like to pursue my dreams of becoming a model, actor, and singer.

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I am a businessman, so I do not intend to be poor by pursuing my dream. Nowadays, the influence of individuals is stronger than that of large corporations. I want to create a business model in which my individual influence leads to business growth.

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