Hi, I'm Ryota, Japanese TikToker in Singapore

Happy New Year, my name is RYOTA.

As this is my first blog post, I would like to introduce myself.

I am in charge of a retail business in Singapore called MELO, which sells Japanese products. Since September 2022, I have also been active as an influencer (KOL) and I am probably No.1 Japanese TikToker in Singapore. TikTok is the most popular SNS in the world, including Singapore. By the way, my previous job was in web marketing at Rakuten.

We launched our own brand, NEKO UNIVERSE, at the same time I opened my TikTok account. Yes, I love cats. We incorporate Japanese tradition and technology into our brand and market it to the world. For our first project, we used a fiber developed by Toray called AIRLET as a material for T-shirts. We produced a product suitable for a hot and humid climate like Singapore.


【NEKO UNIVERSE】 Unisex Basic Wording Tee - Black

We are planning to produce a lucky cat, a traditional Japanese craft, with a company in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

I am still a novice KOL, but I would like to try modeling and acting in the future. Fortunately, I am gradually being approached by companies. I will humbly do my best.


For collaboration / business inquiry, please send us email.


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