A platform that connects
Japan to the rest of the world


Konnichiwa, Welcome to MELO.

Where you’ll be surrounded by popular products from Japan but not yet available in Singapore.

Eager to know?

Before that, let us give you some background information about MELO. We are established in mid 2019, starting from online e-commerce store and now we have a physical store located at Funan Mall.


What kind of products you probably can anticipate form Melo! ?

Products sold at MELO are diversified. Ranging from cosmetics to even stationaries, we ensure the products sold are high in both usability and relevance.



107 North Bridge Rd, #02- 21 Funan
Singapore 179105

Nearest MRT: City Hall

Bus Stop After City Hall Station Exit B
32, 51, 63, 80, 195, 195A, 851, 851e, 961, 961C

Bus Stop Opposite The Treasury
1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 174E, 197, 851, 851E, 961, 961C, NR1, NR2, NR5, NR6, NR7, NR8