Display your affection for your loved ones through a short message!

In collaboration with Japanese jeans brand, WHOVAL, Melo! will be organising an arts event (free) at Melo! @ TripleOne Somerset.

Like owning a pair of favourite jeans for a long time, we derived the theme "Lasting love grows over time". The messages to your loved ones that are collected will be part of the jeans design artwork.

Using the jeans as canvases, Jeans craftsmen will create a work of art based on the love messages received from the public. The completed work will be exhibited at Melo! @ TripleOne Somerset from 29th Nov (Fri) - 1st Dec (Sun) (10am to 9pm).

Jeans Love Message - MELO!

Let’s create many warmth and wonderful moments during these 3 days.
Those who wish to participate, please fill up the form below.