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第3章(だいさんしょう): 宝物(たからもの)








「ラニアちゃん、なんでヒジャブで頭(あたま)をかくさないといけないの?」 「私(わたし)の宗教(しゅうきょう)では、ヒジャブはつつましさを表(あらわ)すものなの。だからどこにいても、きちんとした服(ふく)を着(き)て、マナーのある行(おこな)いをしないといけないのよ。シュンくんは色(いろ)んなことに興味(きょうみ)があるのね。」 「うん!きみみたいな子(こ)初(はじ)めて会(あ)ったからね。」





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Chapter 3: Treasure

“I’m just concerned for her well-being, sir.” said Sato to Rania’s father.

“Let her be, she needs her own personal time.” he assured Sato.

“I’m just worried, sir. She may run into bad people. There is an area with a lot of poor people roaming around over the bridge. I don’t want her to go there. Those inferior people are very bad.”

“Understood. Thank you, Sato.” he patted his shoulder.

Sato whispered to one of his men as soon as Rania's father headed back to his room.

“I want you to follow her. Anything, just update me.”


The following day, they promised to meet by the river. She brought along a book that contains lyrics written by her late mother.

“Rania-chan, why do you need to cover your head with this hijabu?"

“Due to my religion, this hijab acts to cover my modesty. Thus, no matter where we are, we have to wear modest clothing and practice good etiquettes. You sure are curious about many things, Shun-kun.”

“Yeah, because I’ve never met someone like you before.”

Shun tried singing it together with Rania. Progressively, she was able to sing it properly.

Her eyes brightened up gradually. Shun, too, felt happy for her. 

“Rania-chan, now that you know how to sing the song properly, I hope that you’ll keep smiling from now onwards. ”


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