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第4章(だいよんしょう): イヤな予感(よかん)

「洗(あら)えるシルク?」 シュンは聞(き)きました。













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Chapter 4: Foreboding

“Washable Silk?” asked Shun.

"Yes, silk is generally sensitive and difficult to wash at home, right?" We finally made it possible! So, with this washable silk, YAMATO’s reputation will go higher!” explained Hide, Nishi's right-hand man, proudly.

Shun’s eyes widened in amazement. The WAZA technique displayed by workers in Yamato textile factory are truly the best in Japan.


As soon as he finished his work, Shun headed towards the river and waited for Rania.

As she approached him from behind, she heard him singing to the song.

“Rania-chan, let’s sing the song together.”

She sat down beside him and they started singing.

They were happily spending time together when they heard a man’s voice boomed from behind.

“Rania-san, I've told you not to go to the southern side of the bridge, didn't I?”

His men grabbed her arms.

Shun stood in silence as he was unable to grasp what was happening.


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