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第5章(だいごしょう): やぶれたヒジャブ











「大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)か?」 「友(とも)だちのヒジャブがやぶれちゃったんだ・・・。」 「大切(たいせつ)なものだったのか?」 「これはあの子(こ)の宝(たから)ものなんだ。」




「すべてラニアのためさ。橋(はし)の南側(みなみがわ)の人(ひと)たちについてサトウが教(おし)えてくれた。ちゃんと大人(おとな)の言(い)うことを聞(き)かないといけないよ、ラニア。お前(おまえ)を守る(まもる)ためだったとはいえ、ヒジャブがやぶれてしまったことは、彼ら(かれら)も反省(はんせい)している。」 「お父(とう)さん、そんなウワサ信(しん)じないで。お父(とう)さんも、お母(かあ)さんもどんな人(ひと)にもやさしくしなさいって教(おし)えてくれたじゃない。」


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Chapter 5: Torn Hijab

As Sato’s men took her away, part of Rania’s hijab caught on one of the tree branches and as a result got torn.

Rania was at loss for words.

“Hey you, don’t get your hopes up that she’ll be your friend.” said Sato to Shun.

“She’s already my friend.” Shun remarked.

Sato snorted and left a while later.

“Now you are befriending such a poor boy?”

Rania remained silent.

“I’ll inform your father that you went to the southern side. I won’t let you meet the boy anymore.“


Shun returned to the factory with the torn hijab in his hand. Nishi saw and approached him.

“Are you alright?”

“My friend’s hijab. It’s torn.”

“Is it very precious?”

“This meant so much to her.”

Nishi looked as Shun headed back to his room, feeling sad.


Rania told her father about what Sato has done.

“He’s doing all these for your own good. I’ve heard stories about those people living in the southern side of that bridge. Heed our advice, okay? Even though they were trying to protect you, they too, feel sorry towards your torn hijab.”

“Dad, don't believe in such rumours. Both you and mum taught me to be nice to everyone.”


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