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「ニシさん、友(とも)だちのためにシルクのヒジャブを作(つくり)たいだ。」 「技(わざ)をみにつけるのは、そんなかんたんじゃないぞ、シュン。たくさんの練習(れんしゅう)と忍耐(にんたい)が必要(ひつよう)だぞ。」 「どんなことだって、ボクはやってみせるよ。だから・・・おねがいします。」








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Chapter 6: Hope

Rania sat at the corner of the room as she hugged her torn hijab.

“Mum… I’m sorry for not being able to protect your hijab you’ve given me…”

Rania overheard Sato telling her father about Shun.

“No…Shun-kun is not that kind of person… He’s the nicest friend I’ve ever met.”


“Nishi-san, I wish to make a silk hijab for my friend!”

“To master the WAZA is not easy, Shun. It requires a lot of practice and patience.”

“I’m willing to accept any challenges, so please...” Shun bowed.

“Alright. I’ll let you do it. I want you to take this seriously and do not ever think of slacking off, alright?”

Shun nodded as he gave his word.

Everyone gathered for dinner. Nishi announced to everyone that Shun will be doing up a silk hijab starting from tomorrow.

“We are here for you, Shun!” Everyone at the factory cheered for him.

“By the way, Shun, I need you to accompany me to deliver some silk textiles to one of our customer staying at hotel, it’s quite heavy so I need your help.” said Hide.


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