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「ラニアちゃん、これから毎日(まいにち)手紙(てがみ)をかくよ。」 「ほんと?うれしい!」





「そうなんだ。おねがいできるかな?」 「もちろんさ、シュン。友(とも)だちだろ。」



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Chapter 7: Awaits

Both Shun and Hide reached the hotel lobby.

A while later, that customer arrived. Hide conversed with him.

“Wow, it look so beautiful!”
“Boss, thank you for the purchase.”

Shun looked around and then, he saw a familiar figure sitting at a bench looking bored. Shun noticed her head covered with a pink hijab. 

“Rania-chan!” Shun called out her name in a small voice.

“It’s me, Shun. I’m surprised to see you here!”

“Shun-kun…” Tears welled up in her eyes as she started talking.

She was unable to go out and meet him due to Sato's discrimination against people in the southern side.

Rather than being angry for Sato’s discrimination towards people like him, he was infuriated with Sato for making Rania sad.

“Rania-chan, I’ll write a letter to you from now onwards.”

“Really? I’m looking forward to your letter, Shun-kun.”

After the conversation with the customer ended, Hide and Shun headed back.


The following day, Shun met his childhood friend, Taro. Even though he comes from a rich family and lives in the north side, Taro is Shun's best friend.

“You want me to pass your letter to her?” asked Taro.

“Yes, can you help me?”

“Well, sure, no problem, Shun. What are friends for, right?” They gave each other a fist bump as usual before parted ways.


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