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第8章(だいはっしょう): 決意(けつい)




「これはどうかな、ニシさん?」 「全然(ぜんぜん)ダメだ。やり直(なお)し!」




「シュン?まだいたのか?もう遅(おそ)いから帰(かえ)って休(やす)んだ方(ほう)がいい。休(やす)むことも仕事(しごと)のうちだ。」 「ごめん、ニシさん。ボクまだ・・・。」









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Chapter 8: Determination

Taro successfully delivered the letter Shun wrote to Rania. She handed over her handwritten letter over to Taro.

“Thank you, Taro-kun.”


“How about this, Nishi-san?” asked Shun.

“It is not good at all. Do it again.”

Day by day, Shun would ask Nishi for his approval yet he would ask him to do it again.

“Should I do this way…? ” Shun thought about how he could improve on his technique the whole day.

As night fell, Nishi noticed Shun was still at the factory.

“Shun? Why are you still here? It’s already late. You should be in bed. Resting is also part of your job.”

“I’m sorry, Nishi-san. I’m still…” Nishi saw the hijab he was holding.

“Shun, come and sit here.”

Shun walked towards Nishi and sat beside him.

"WAZA is not only about technique.

There are a lot of singers who attain success with their debut hit song compared to other songs, right? It's similar to that. 

You cannot touch a person’s heart just with your skills.

Shun, apart from your skills, put your heart and soul in your artwork.

Do it while thinking of your dear friend."


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