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第9章(だいきゅうしょう): 手紙(てがみ)



「シュン、よくがんばったな。こんなに魂(たましい)のこもったシルクヒジャブは、お前(まえ)にしかつくれない。」 「本当(ほんとう)にありがとう、ニシさん。」










「いい気(き)になるなと言(い)っただろう?」 サトウは二人(ふたり)の前(まえ)で手紙(てがみ)をビリビリとやぶりました。






「お父(とう)さん、シュンくんが書(か)いた手紙(てがみ)を読(よ)んでほしいの。手紙(てがみ)を読(よ)めば、シュンくん がどんなにやさしい子(こ)かわかると思(おも)う。」 「わかったよ、ラニア。読(よ)めばいいんだね。」


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Chapter 9: Letter


After receiving a nod of approval from Nishi, he finally succeeded in making a silk hijab. The workers were so happy and shared his joy.

“Good job, Shun. Only you are able to do up such a heartfelt hijab.”

“Thank you very much, Nishi-san.”


Sato was smoking outside the hotel when he happened to see Rania and a boy were talking.

“From his attire, he looks like someone from the northern side but… I smell something fishy here…”

Sato followed the boy as he headed out.

“Here’s your letter.” Taro handed it over to him.

Shun and Taro were talking when a voice bellowed from behind.

“So, this is what you have been doing all these while?”

Both of them turned around and saw Sato with such an unpleasant smile on his face.

Sato snatched the letter from Shun, glancing through the content.

“I said don’t get your hopes up, didn’t I?” Sato tore the letter in front of them.

“My letter!” Shun shouted.

“How could you rip Shun’s letter!” Taro too, lost his cool.

“You are from the northern side, right? You should choose a wise friend properly.”


Meanwhile, Rania decided to tell her father everything.

“Dad, I wish to show you the letters he wrote to me. I hope that through these letters, you are able to see that he is a nice person.”

“Alright, my dear. I’ll read it.”


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