The jeans art with your message will be exhibited at Melo!

~Like owning a pair of favourite jeans for a long time, we derived the theme "Lasting love grows over time"~

Venue : Melo!@TripleOne Somerset
Date : 29 Nov (Fri) ~ 1 Dec (Sun) 10am ~ 9pm

Detail: TAP HERE

I love you Nana - R.K
Dear Casperboi, I love you truly,madly,deeply! - Tiffany Kelly
Go where your dreams take you! - C.C.
Dad, Thank you for watching over me from sky. - MS
I'll be there whenever for you. - C.C.
My love for you is bigger than the universe! - N❤️
Love your fam, friends and yourself <3 - Jlxn
Let's be strong together and overcome all obstacles - Sha
蘇太蘇生你哋係 irreplaceable. - S.Z.R
Simply amazing - Jamie
Love at all cost, cost of love is you, Alex. - Val 늘항상화이팅!모든 소원이루어지길! - MY
I appreciate you what you've done for me. - B.A.A
I love you Mumi - AA
Let’s build our lives together! From kay to jay - Kay
Wu's Yo Daddy, Sage & Jonas! ❤ - AWU
LV4ever Yumi - TM
You❣my one and only 🥰 - Suzan
Thank you for coming into my life, Haiyan! Stay happy! - Zane Lee
Thank you for choosing me every day. Love you Tofu - Carrot
You are worth it, Jeff Bear♥️ - Yiling Teoh
Let's go on an adventure and find our Onepiece together! - S.L.Y.R
Bliss is having you treating me like a baby. - RoxanneJY
Let's grow old together~ - Y&I
wherever you go is where i’ll be - S.Q.R.E
The world is not flat, it’s ours. Love you babaganoush! - baba ganoush
I'll always be behind of you. - Albert Pak
No one can kill our dreams, we got this babe! - baba ganoush
Sending love to all who choose kindness over selfishness - NXL
TY Hub Khoo for ❤️ us. - Babydakcher
ily - pp
when i listen to my heart, it whispers your name - ELXJC
ily bby jav&y - Nyr
Be my Lucifer till eternity; I love you honey bbubbu - SQ
My Leon is the best! - X
To Andrey: thank you for making me the happiest. - R
I’ll love you always and forever - A and A
I’m grateful that we are still together. I love you! - HY
You continue to hold my heart in captivity - Shae G
Let's see stars shine every night together forever - CLZQ
Charlotte, you're my angel and universe. I love you. - Sheri
Love you ChagiyaBibiXiaotofu - JW
真的好爱你,带我一起去旅行吧! - Wendy
You can lean on me forever YJ - Meeko
Faith, grateful to have your love and support. - Aiden
Words never enough to express my love to you Mum! - NA
Julia, You Rock My World. - Jared
You're the conqueror that seized my heart. - JVL
I love you ci, with you always - LWC
I hope we grow, in love, together till the end. - LIN
I love you my baby sayang. Always and forever ❤️ - anabanana
幸せになるように❗️ - K.K
To: Davis Love you forever and ever!!❤️ From: Fiona - Fiona
BLT, may you always find JZ everywhere :) - C
I’m grateful that we are still together. I love you! - EQ
Thank you for taking care of me HY. I love you always! - EQ
I miss you Julian - R
i really hope you are happy wherever you are - Emmanuel Simte
I love you 3000 - SX 🖤 S
SexyJai, you are my rock and my sanity. Thank you 😘 - WanJai
BooBee, you’re brilliant, wonderful achievers with kind, caring hearts. WeLoveYou! - Dadi&Mami
Thank you for accepting who I am.. - B
Nga Nin Ko Chit Tal - MPA
Let's grow old together 👴🏼👵🏻 - GT❤️LY
Wherever with you, is home. - Gracias
I love you more when it's hard to - SY
Fabby, 我们一起幸福的走下去!❤️ - 宝宝
The stakes may be high but this love is ours - Tyra
love and trust you, ZC - NX
Two women I love; your mom and you Gracelyn... Dad - Klein Tan
BB lava you ♡ - BB no. 1
I love you, you mean the world to me - BB no. 2
Me to myself: I gotCHU - XIU
I feel so lucky to be yours, YS! - YSCJ
It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. - ML
You enlighten our world with joy and laughter! - M.I.
Dan, I'll Nv Lego of You❤️ - G
永远爱你的bibi❤️ - CY-J
俺は真斗です!絶対まさる! - Ykjmatt
#fezSeb is LOVE! - Nurafezah
Special water = lemon barley - Squish
仁豐,你是我的月亮 - Hwa
仁豐、你是佩樺的月亮 - Hwa
Babe, i miss you so much. - Ky
We still miss you everyday, Mum. - K.T.A.T.
Love is the Most powerful force on Earth - Ken Siow
Val,Mia,Zac,with you in my life, my world complete. - J.C.
The love for my kids is what gives me strength - S.F
ChengHong love Sabrina 4ever :) - Tay Cheng Hong
you'll always be my cat - naiya
I Love you all❤ - C.K.
you're the ghost to my hoot hoot! - Benkeee
ありがとう おめでとう - E.I
Happy day - mai
Love you All! - W.S.
The life is beautiful with you - K
Looking forward to next year and more JS adventure - James
Love is when you find yourself surrounded by sheep - Leroy Lim
I will always love you, 小蛋! - Sabrina Kek
Love lasts ever after,Masa! - Ishiyama Mami