Sakura Handicraft Calendar Event 2020

2020.01.20 (Monday) - 2020.01.23 (Thursday)

craft your own Sakura Handicraft Calendar @ Melo!

Sponsored by JIT Inc

Create your own sakura handicraft calendar with Bondy!

Calling all parents & kids above 6 years old!
Discover your kids’ talent in handcrafting your own artwork!

In collaboration with Bondy glue, Melo! presents “Sakura Handicraft Calendar Event 2020”

With just Bondy glue & coloured beads, let your child be immersed in creativity and create an art piece they are proud of. Also, the best thing is they can bring back both the artwork & Bondy glue!

Event Duration
1 hour (per timeslot)

Participation Fee
$30 (Physical payment at the shop)

Events Details
Melo! @ TripleOne Somerset
20th - 23th Jan 2020
1pm - 7pm

Additional Notes:

  • Parents need to be present during the time of event.
  • Under no unforeseen circumstances will Melo! be held responsible or liable to your child during the event.

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Each available slots are approximately an hour.