"Washable Silk Hijab" Project

In Kyoto, there are more than 1400 companies that have lasted for more than 100 years. One of them, Yamatou which has been around since 1833, is still active in its textile business ever since they started.

The beauty emanates from the fabrics made by Yamatou has gained worldwide acclaim as these creations were used in collaboration projects with famous brands such as Giorgio Armani, LOEWE and BMW.
187 years since its establishment, Yamatou strives to work on developing new technologies. Eventually, they succeeded in creating 'washable silk'.

Although silk has a very smooth and soft texture, it wrinkles and shrinks easily when washed as its strong natural fibres loses strength when it comes into contact with water. So, with 'Washable Silk Hijab', this innovation actually eliminates these drawbacks.
We, at Melo! wish to let people across Southeast Asia experience Yamatou's traditional and innovative technology. With that, we decided to kickstart this "Washable Silk Hijab" project.
Currently, the final output of 'Washable Silk Hijab' has not yet been completed. Our first task is to seek the opinions of many Muslim women, whose ideas and preferences will be reflected in the product development phase. Their views will represent the visual aesthetics of the wearer.

*The first washable silk hijab is scheduled to be released between March and April.

Let us hear your thoughts!

*(Estimated price of "Washable Silk Hijab" is $200.
By using the discount coupon, the price will be halved to $100.)
Your views and opinions are important towards the development process of 'Washable Silk Hijab'. We truly appreciate and hope to see you join us in this journey of creating a new "silk road" together!

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